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enlightenment 101
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Psychic/energy ball

Basic Level

* Select the calm and peaceful place.
* Stand/sit in a comfortable posture.
* Close your eyes.
* Take few relaxed breaths.
* Go to the Alpha level.
* Now stretch your hands as you are holding a baseball.
* Imagine that the energy flows from you center of your both hands to create the ball.
* Visualize, Feel the energy swirling between your hands.
* Visualize a small ball created by your own energy.
* You may feel tingles in your hands.
* Feel the ball is become stronger and bigger.
* Visualize the ball is rotating with energy.
* After creating psychic ball mentally. Ask the ball to go inside your body. And Visualize.

Everyday do this practice. After 15 days you can use this psychic ball for your own things.

Using Psychic Ball

* You can only use the psychic ball after you are satisfied your self about your creation.

* Healing - Just create the psychic ball and fill the ball with the healing energy within you. Fill still you need. Then mentally send the psychic ball to the patient. Cover the patient with the ball. You should feel it in your mind. You can see the changes.

* Changing Tense/ Anger - You can change the tension or anger of your superior with the psychic ball immediately in your office. Even you do not need to close your eyes create the psychic ball and fill it with happiness, joy, love and peace. Feel the energy ball. Send it to your superior and cover him. See the changes after 10 minutes.

* Love - You can use it for your love/marriage. Create the ball and fill it with love and send it to your partner and see the changes. It will workout easily.

* Cleansing Home - If your home is unhappy. Just create a psychic ball and fill it with the heat, which can cleanse the negative aura in your home. Send the ball to clean each and every place of your house. Send the ball to clean each and every person of your house.

* The uses of this psychic ball are endless....

Advance Level

* Indian Yogis are also using the same practice. But they do not create psychic ball. They will create girl with their energy. Some angels are created in this way. This is called as Kritiya Sidthi.

* You can also create various images to help you. Not only ball, you can also visualize cross, swastic, fire, ice, wind or any symbol. But in my experience ball shape is good.

* After good practice you can name your psychic ball. Call and give the work. It will work quickly.

* Experiences will give good lessons to you.

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