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what forcecraft is

What the elements are-

The elements are an observance of the earth, the void, the inverse faery earth, and the adversity elements. When you see them in action they are amazing to see. There are positive elements drawn from earth and the negative elements drawn from void. There are also the inverse fairy earth properties from msgic and the adversity elements from events. The elemental combinations are interesting to watch and to use. How do you yield them? There are two methods, the Forcecraft method and the latin spells that I will describe. The forcecraft method is to think of what the element does and imagine it accomplishing something that you want with you in that focus. This focuses it through you. This also can be called elemental spelling. An example for furcadia is: to type without quotes ":Focuses Air to make an icy cold wind blow through the area."

You know the method, there is an added latin spells lists to this elements doc. Egypytian Forcecraft and Elvish spells near the end of the list. Hary potter spells at the end of the list. Now you must know the elements. Listed below are what I understand of them.

Positive elements are:

The element of earth is that of life.It can grant life, morph items or people, take life, heal or wield life like control. In granting life, it creates it anew through destructive action or gives it through infusion. Morphing item or people with earth infuses the target with energy charged by the workers purpose through imagination of changing the shape.of the target. Wielding life, earth can make an infusion to do as the worker imagines.

The fire element is the element that gives life or takes life destructively and is the life around us. It gives life by forcing you to move on when it destroys your old life in some manner or form. Also it can give life by the healing act of the worker targeting only the disease cells with fire. Causing the body to cope by healing quicker. Fire takes life by burning the intended victim on focus of the worker. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as a person. It can heat up places to warm you. Healing with fire heals open wounds. It finally is light

Water can heal people, overcome things, or change things. Healing with water can happen on infusion of energy with the thought of rapid regeneration for 5 minutes at a drink. Any other thought is also enacted. Your thought becomes the waters actions to the body. It can overcome things by being in a large enough body of movement like a tidal wave. Water can change things with an infusion of energy into water while someone imagines what they want to happen.

Air can choke, destroy, enforce, or change things. Air choking is the act of the worker to close air in a circle around a person's throat. This is also called collaring. Destruction by air is to condense air into its energy form called lightning or ice from ther particles. Air enforcement is the act of the worker to create a wall by imagination or to cause yourself to float in the air by air itself through imagination. How does air change things? Air can change things by the worker using it as a medium in thier acts to influence moments. Finally air can be used as a mass spread medium

Aether is the element of the mind in which all you do is focus enough and what you imagine happens. The effect of the aether is to affect or influence other elements. When the element is called you can form any object by imagination of it forming. This is its compressed form. Otherwise the more you focus on an idea the more chance of it happening. Finally aether can influence the other elements

Negative elements are:

The negative element of earth is void. Void is nothingness and negative of earth. You can use it to protect yourself by forming a barrier to absorb the energy cast at it or to attack with it. When uysed for attack it incinterates someone as it sucks the life out of the victim leaving ashes if used as a weapon of some sort. You can also remove certain properties of anything you'd want by the imaginationation of it being removed and using void.

The negative element of fire is black fire which allows for instant incineration of anything you will it to touch.Its formed from fire and void. It also can resurrect someone or restore something you direct its energies at. Black fire can dispell the death of the person if focused on destroying the death.

Waters negatve element is black ice. Black ice melts at absolute zero and forms when elemental water heats up. Black ice is formed from union of ice and void. It is black in color and makes body parts disentagrate when touched. It can store unlimited spells if it can be harvested as force. It looks like constantly reforming black ice and draws its properties from void.

Air's negativee element is space. This is the physical representation of void. Space is infinite whereas air is contained. Space has vacuum which sucks a person dead as when air supports people on a planet. Compress space into energy and you get a warp feld that can be turned into a black lightning effect or a Void Gate that can bring you anywhere. Black lightning incinerates when it hits a victim. It always hits and it never loses energy. Any energy cast at it only strengthens it if used as a shield. Only the worker can dispell his/her shield or attack of black lightning.

Aether's negatve element is ether. Ether is the spiritual element. Ask the spirits to guide you when using ether to always get the act desired. However where aether responds to your mind, Ether responds to imagination with feeling and is instant. Ether works with you as you desire. You can focus the spirits to aid in anything. This includes forming any object. If the spirits are angered, they won't do anything at all. Always thank them afterwords. Aether is very similiar to aether.

Inverse Fairy Elements are:

Inverse earth can affect the meta energy flows and it is considered Magic. To manipulate with the inverse earth means you can effect others by thought alone. This is the best energy to play with for enchantments. This elements heightens anything its used with.

Inverse fire is a nonburning fire yet it still heats. Its blue in color and uses magic to feed itself. It lends strength to the mind and soul by giving strength. The flame is restorative in purpose. This elements heightens anything its used with. It can be any temperature that the caster desires. It can absorb any amount of life that the caster desires. The other names are astral flame and eternal flame.

Inverse water is water that is not water. Another name is faery water. Its apparent by touch and sense and it heals on touch. It cleanses negative and positive energies. If you drink it you become immortal. You cannot see it. This element heightens anything its used with. Cast a spell near this water and the spell is stored as an enchantment. Change something from within.

Inverse air is air that is not air because it is metaphysical in sense. It restores and youthens the body that breathes it and makes a person immortal. A mass spread effect of inverse air effects everything. This element heightens anything its used with and can be called Faery Air.

Magick is the culminative results of the inverse elements and is like Aether and Ether. Magick has the possibility of reaching any place of existence. It can effect any place of existance. It can can do anything that you can imagine. It is pure meta energies of the Astral Plane. It guides the rest of the elements. This elements heightens anything its used with.

Adversity Elements

Adverse Earth is the pass through element. Use of this element allows for bypassing anything with the effect of choice. Make shields that are impassable for any spell. This element is fought to made to work as adversity is used to fighting. Another name is passthrough.

Adverse Fire is the fire of change. Use this fire to make changes through imagination. This fire does not burn. It can heat up anything. Its up to the caster to how hot it is. This fire is unseen but felt. Its other name is change.

Adverse Water is absorption. To use this water you absorb anything that is energy. Bathing in it absorbs scent and sometimes memory. The memory comes back. To drink it you become absorbant to all energies. The water of absorption is a boon to any defense. This water is unseen.

Adverse air is remaking. Use the air of remaking to make events as you want. Use imagination to remake the event. The air of remaking to make things work again if broken.

Adersity is the effect of all four elements and if one can control adversity one can control life. Adversity is also events that take place. Its effects are everywhere.

Elemental interactions:

There are interactions of different elements that get mixed results. below are the effects:

Aether and Ether make a combined force refered to as Akasha. Akasha is the united Spirit and Mind, or Animus and Neura. With Akasha you can make anything work for you or do things. Its the strongest boost for any spell.

Inverse Aether is also called Faery Aether. Intuitive magick works by imagination. This magic is the magic of high magic. Guide the positive and magical energies with it.

Inverse Ether is called Faery Ether. This magick is used by feeling for the effect sought. This is the magick of empathists. Empathic people can use this easily. This guides magick and spirits.

Inverse Akasha is the the forces of the Aether, Another name is Faery Akasha. Ether and Magick combined. This force is the universal energy that is the meta energy backbone. You can can do anything with it through imagination.

Inverse Adversity is the forces of adversity and inversity. Another name is Faery Adverse. This force will allow manipulation of both inverse and adverse elements. Use imagination and feeling to manipulation.

Adverse Akasha is the forces of Aether, Ether and Adversity. Control all three with the calling of this force.

Adverse Inverse Akasha is the forces of Aether, Ether, Adversity and Inversity. Control all four with focused mind and imagination.

Absorbtion black fire is the forces of Void and Inverted Fire. This black fire is lethal as it will absorb all energies around it while it is in existance.

Black fire passthrough is Void and Adverted Fire. This black fire is the incinerative fire that will go right through protections.

Strengthened black ice is the forces of Void on Inverted Ice. This black ice has greater absorbing capacity. It will heal on touch instead incineration.

Remaking absorbing black ice is the forces of Void and Adverted Ice. When in existence it will remake anything around it. It will absorb at a higher capacity then black ice.

Breathable space is Void and Inverted Air. This is the space that you can breath. Travel through space in a shield made of this. In a limited air area use this element. There is a heightened sense of space.

Remaking space is Void and Adverted Air. Remaking space is used by prescientific people. This space has no existence except for moments. Use this by trained focus.

Space and fire make plasma. Plasma can melt anything and typically burns at 700 degrees kelvin or hotter.

Absorbing plasma is Space and Inverted Fire. This plasma which burns at the temperature of which the caster desires can absorb the energy around it to keep on going. It can melt anything.

Morphing plasma is Space and Change. This plasma will burn at 800 kelvin. It will morph anything while it melts the surroundings.

Space and Earth make shadow. Shadow can drain on touch or at a distance and is a live force given power by earth. Shadow can remove things without notice and it would seem like it was never there. You can move with shadow and go places. A shadow attack is always ended in death. Shadows prefer dark places.

Ice comes from air flowing around water. Ice can form from the air through the water particles with imagination.

Time comes from Space and Aether. The combined effect make Astral energies. These energies create the time effects. Time is the change of event and moment in a persons lifetime. Thus time is the moment of change. One can manipulate time, change the speed of attacks or moments by speeding the moment up or slowing it down and thats it. Time shields prevent anyone from attacking and look like a bubble

Reversed time is from Void and Time. The effect of both is the reversal of time events. When this happens you can remove age. Confuse your enemies. Make spells disappear or use it as a shield to be unkillable as the damages just disappears.

Magical time is from Magic and Time. This time goes forward yet stands still. This is the time of the faeries. Many things can be done in this time compared to normal time. Plus it legthens the lifetime.

Moment time is Adversity and Time. This time is the time of moments. It stands still until a moment happens. When that moment happens, it occurs as quick as you want or an eyeblink.

Chaos is space plus ether. Chaos warps and changes anything as it is ether combined with space. So, you can use it to morph things, warp effects, or as a shield to bend attacks or spells.

Fire and Earth make lava. Lava is in essence melted rock and at a temperature of 400 degrees kelvin or hotter. It can melt most metals.It will burn a forest near a volcano as it leaks from the volcano itself.

Black lava is the effect of chaos on lava. What is black lava? Its a voidal lava that will morph anything it runs over while it melts it to create a new but different and somewhat bizarre element of sorts.

Mutation lava is Chaos and Inverted Lava. This lava will restore with its heat and mutate the person or object. Creating a diversive and stronger form.

Passthrough mutation lava is chaos on passthrough lava. Lava of this type will effect mutation of bizarre new elements and pass through almost anything.

Shields are the creation of any element and formed by the mind. When the shield comes it usually deflecs and absorbs that which is its element and its opposite.

Void shields are the reversed shields that are impossible to break. This is void and shield. When used the void shield make time very fast. There is unaging slowly and said practitioner seems unaging. This allows winning against anything as the spells get converted to spell energies for personal use. The Void Shield will not fade until the caster wills it. You can damage others that you can choose while you are protected. These are shields that support themselves only focus is needed.

Inverted shields are Inversion and Shield. These shields make the person invisible and slow time down for the person. Making the person unseen and the shield unbreakable as the shield absorbs any energies. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.

Adverted shields are Adversion and Shield. These are the unbreakable shields that stop time around you and allow you to go anywhere without detection. The shields of averted nature divert the eye from the caster. Aversion shields are the shields that allow you to choose the moment. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.

Vision is the sight of the mind that allows for great things to be seen. Its visible sight and third eye sight which is the sight of the mind. Things in meditation can be focused upon as sight easier. Think of the works that with training the mind senses can be focused and honed to see. This is psionics.

Black sight is the sight that uses void as the source of the visions. It is made from space with sight. The psychic visions can go to deep space or other dimensions for the visions. Thus it is the greater of the sight. One can also use this to see in black shades at any time of day.thus one does not need light. Black psychic visions are great for viewing other planets.

Inverted vision is the magical vision. When this vision is used the third eye is used. This sight will work in place of normal vision. There is possibility of using this for easier psychic vision. See ghosts and other invisible beings with it.

Adverted sight is the sight of moments. See the events as in psychic visions. This is what psychics use as in when they stare into a crystal ball. When the vision is recieved there are only moments that you remember. The other name is Psychic Vision.

Infinity is the power of the space, mind and spirit. The power of infinity is stillness. This means that it is an entropy effect. You can use entropy to slow down anything. To make yourself untouched by any effect. You can work to extend spells to infinity. you can extend the effects of anything.

The inverse ice formed by interaction of inverse air and inverse water can increase the casters strength by 10% to 120%.It depends on how pure it is. Used in a drink it will empower the drink. Use it for enchantments and it will increase the enchantments effect.

The inverse lava is the lava of meta infusion. This lava will be at any heat the caster will but its heat will heal the body, mind and soul. Its heat is infusive.

Inverted black lava is the lava of morph and strengthen. Use this lava to create mutants of any body. It will mutatate even items.

The adverse ice is the absorption remaking. Make this ice to cool off drinks and make changes while absorbing until the event is done. This ice is unseen.

The adverse lava is the lava that can pass through anything. When using this lava there is no blocking its destructive path. It can melt anything as its 500 degrees kelvin or more.

Death is Voids indirect reaction to life. It leaches and causes decay. Death can be used for raising. It is the force that kills. he root words of the spells-