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Forcecraft is said to be very old, if not ancient. But some people beleive that forcecraft is just one of those role playing games. Don't ask me if stuff works or not. You have to base if off of your experiance. some stuff worked for me. Some people think that it is all fake, because they are not real latin words ( only five of the said words are latin) and so they are all fake, just a figment of someones emagination.....but is it? Some people beleive that it is all in your mind, that you need mind control and energy control to manipilate objects. that is what I beleive. There are so many issues, that i descided to wait on this section. Some of the spells seem like they are role playing, especially when we are talking about raising the dead and controling them with just a few words, along with creating portals out of mirrors....who knows. I am stoping the submition of these spells to do more research.

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