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Gothica's Realm

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Element Energies

What are elemental energies. Well, the energy comes from a type of warlocking and maging called elemental magick. This is my personal favorite of all the magick practices. Why? Because elemental energy is very loosely based, no actual laws like wicca has, and religion doesn't matter. I have also found that in my vast search for energy other than ki, elemental energy seems to be very reliable, and easier to see. It also often gives more visual effects. On my page call 'forcecraft', I taught how to use elemental energies for attacks by the use of words and chants. In this section, I hope to enlighten this newer form of energy, and give people a better understanding of what it is. I will also try to teach how to control them mentally.

A definition-
Elemental energy is the energy of which is taken or borrowed from the surrounding elements of nature. This energy can be drawn into, and kept inside, the human body to disperse and use as one would with psi or ki. This energy can be used for various purposes. Some that I have found useful are these: Can be used in warlocking for battles, gives an extra "umf" to spells, awesome for diviniation and purification, if mastered can bring ultimate control over all four elements and unlocks the fith element...spirit.

The basics-
Elemental energy has the same basics as that of any other energy. The rules of physics can be applied to find out how to make better impact, Energy equals forced speed plus impact(E=Fs+I). By using it more, it becomes more powerful. Nothing is immpossible with it, you just need to believe. Don't be to hard on yourself, but remember that only one who has gone too far, truly knows how far one can go. You must also respect it's power, don't mis-use it. Anything that gets put out into the universe has to circle and come back(bad charma, and it CAN be avoided). Learn to control it before you start doing the major stuff, otherwise you could accidentaly injure a loved one(I've seen it happen).

Controlling it-
Controlling it is very simular to controlling other energies. The only large fact you need to remember is that elemental energy effects the elements, thus the air you breath. Sit down in a meditation position. Having a nearby lit candle is advised. Clear your mind and focus on the flame(or other object). Picture the flame acting as an electric rod, gathering the lightning and sending it to you(Earth). Focus on the elements surrounding the flame. Imagine the flame acting as a magnet to the energy within the elements. Visualize the elements lending their energy to the flame, which is grounding the energy to you. If you were to open your eyes, chances are you would see the flame flickering violently.
Bring the energy in to your body. But instead of gathering it into your Tan-Tien, or hera, let the elemental energy flow through out your body. Filling it from head to toe, inhabiting every muscle and bone. When oyu feel you have enough energy, open your eyes. Move your hands around. Your body should feel very warm and cuddly inside(Oh joy!).

Go to make a ki ball, but instead, visualize all the elemental energy swarming and collecting in a ball between your hands. At this point, there should be a little bit of a different "vibe" coming from the ball. That's only because it's a different type of energy than what you're use to. Know in your mind, think of a task of which you want the ball of elemental energy to perform. Visualize the ball doing it(Programming). Know spread your hands apart and let the ball out in to the air. Let it float away, it will go and find the object of it's task, and perform it to the best of it's abilities.

In a few days, you should start to see results. The amount of energy that you added to the ball will effect how well it performs the task.

Summoning the energy using will power-
Stand in a comfortable position and clear your mind. Raise one hand in the air as if you were to make a mana ball. Now picture the elements surrounding you as you did before with the candle. Start letting their energy pour in to you, adding to yours. Create a mental magnet in the palm of your hand to summon the energy to the palm. The energy should evade going in to you, but instead circle around you body and be collected at the magnet(focus point). Picture the focus point gathering the element's energy in to you palm, and circulating it to create a ball. This is another way to create an elemental ball, but more important, it is a way to summon elemental energies through thought. It is faster and more effective, but is advised for more advanced magicians.

Basic positions of the elements(Sorry I have no pics)-

animals-deer, bears, mice, worms, any land dwelling creature
Represented by-upside down green triangle with a line through the bottom.

Animals- Birds, particularily the Falcon
Represented by- yellow triangle pointing up with a line through the top

colors-red, orange
Elemental-Salamander(not the lizard)
animals-Dragons, snakes, salamanders
represented by- Red triangle pointing up

Animals- Any sea dwelling animal only
Represented by- Upside down Blue triangle

Spirit(The alleged fith element)
Elemental-Gargoyle(I believe)
Represented by-David's Start