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Gothica's Realm

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Elemental Magick

In this section of the site, I will teach how to use elemental energies for combat and healing reasons. you must first realize that it is very dangerous to mess with the elements, the very things that give us life. You must also take into consideration, if you summon wind to you, there will be no wind somewhere else. If you summon a storm, it will be dry to the north. If you use fire, you mess with climate, if you use water, you mess with the essence of life, and so on.

Using element energy:
You obviously must first learn how to use this energy. Raise you dominant hand into the air and feel the energy pulsating around it. Recognize the fire, ice, earth, and air that surrounds you all day. Visualize the desired element pouring into you. Let it mix with your energy. At this point, your body is prepared to cast elemental energy.

Constructing a Fire Ball:
Raise you dominant hand and mix with the fire element. Visualize fire and lava swirling around you, inside and out. Let it climb up your body untill the lava/fire reaches the palm of your hand. Let the energy collect their untill you feel that the energy is hot enough. This technique sounds easy, like all others will on this page, but it takes LOTS of practice to acheive even the smallest effects.

Fire-cast Healing:
If you are wounded, and want to use the fire element to heal yourself, do this. Close your eyes and visualize your entire body made of lava. Where the pain is, visualize steel. Let the lava flow over and over the steel untill it too turns into lava. Once accomplished, you should be healed, and it might be a little warm in the once wounded area.

This lowers the given temperature in a room. Visualize ice on the walls around you, and it's so cold you can see your breath. Keep this visualization strong. Now try and remember what it feels like when you're cold. Let this feeling flow through the room. In about a minute's time, the temp should drop just a little.

Water Purification:
No, this is NOT self-purification. It is the ability to take spoiled or polluted water, and transform it into pure water. You must be standing/sitting close to the petrified water. Reach out your hand and place it into the water, so that you palm is flat on the surface. Close your eyes and visualize a clean spring or water fall. Visualize the pure water from it coming and wiping the polluted water away.