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Gothica's Realm

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Empowerment Ritual-***
This ritual will increase your magical powers and energy
You will need:
A set of crayons including red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, dark blue, violet, black, grey, white, silver, and gold.
A medium to work on--cloth or paper on which all the colors will show up.
A red candle
Fiery scented incense, such as sage or cedar.
First, establish your working circle, after you've gathered all your materials together. Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and draw. You'll be here a while.
Face the east and say:
"Spirits of the East, powers of Air, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me find inspiration and visualize the symbols clearly that I may partake of their essence."

Face the south and say:
"Spirits of the South, powers of Fire, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me find the spirit within to empower the symbols and tune into their color energy."

Face the west and say:
"Spirits of the West,powers of Water, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me to seek the mystery within, that the symbolsI draw here may work upon my emotions for my Highest Good."

Face the north and say:
"Spirits of the North, powers of Earth, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me to manifest the symbols in the third-dimensional world so that their energies may become a part of my physical existence."

Face the sky and say:
"Father Sky, I ask that you watch over me in this spell-working. Lend me your wisdom so that I may bring safely link my inner vision with the outer Self."

Place your hands on the earthand say:
"Mother Earth, I ask thatyou watch over me in this spell-working. Let me ground myself deeply in you and draw on your strength and energy to sustain me in my work."

Face your altar in the center of the circle and say:
"Sacred center, Spirit of all that is, of whom we are all only aspects, unite this sphere into a protected space for the spell-working I plan to do here."

Using the red crayon, visualize the color as life essence. Draw a human body, using a star-like shape.

Draw the first symbol that comes to your mind when you think of strength and power. (Draw it in red below the human body shape.)

Now take the orange crayon. This color represents vitality, potency, courage- draw the first symbol of these qualities that comes to mind slightly above and to the left of the last symbol.

With the yellow crayon in hand, concentrate on intellect, and your request for knowledge. Draw a symbol of this directly to the left of the human body shape.

Using the green crayon, visualize expansion, abundance, prosperity, growth, love. When you have felt its energy, draw a symbol of above and to the left of the human body.

Take up the sky blue crayon, and feel it's energy of expression, communication, spiritual gain, joy, and self-achievement. Draw a symbol of those directly above the central symbol (body).

Using a dark blue crayon, draw a symbol to the lower-right of the last symbol. This one should represent synthesis and inner wisdom. It should align with the green shape.

In violet, which represents spirituality and guidance, draw a symbol of those traits directly to the right of the red central sign.

White is used to link the life-force. Draw a symbol that represents a cycle or strong bond below and to the right of the central symbol.

This main pattern is complete. It should resemble a circle of colors and symbols surrounding the body.

Now, trace from the central body, directly to the left. Here, you should come upon the yellow symbol. To the left of that symbol, you will draw another sign, in silver. Hold the silver crayon and feel it's energy, imagine the journey you are embarking on, and draw a symbol of it.

Take the gray crayon and visualize flexibility, endurance, persistence and resolve needed to accomplish the changes you desire. When you feel it's energy, draw a symbol of those strengths at the very top/center. (above the human body, and above the light blue sign.)

The gold crayon represents activity. Draw your symbol of activation to the far-right (lined up horizontally with the silver symbol).

Using black, feel and see the changes you want occuring, the power of this ritual going to work. Draw a symbol of this directly beneath the red symbol under the body. (The bottom of the page, centered.)

Give blessings to all invoked gods, goddesses, and spirits, using a chant to each quarter like this:

"Spirits of the east, powers of air, thank you for your presence and aid in this work. Depart in peace, my thanks and blessings."

Open the circle, release the energy, and say:

"To all spirits visible and invisible that have been present in this ritual, depart in peace, my thanks and blessings."

Hang the resulting picture up somewhere where you can see it often. When you need any of the specific traits energized in each symbol, simply think of that particular color and symbol as depicted in your masterpiece!magic wicca

An Easy Ritual to aid in depression-***
Go outside during the evening (daytime if it is winter...due totemperature changes) and find yourself a large tree. Oak is the best choice, but any largetree will do. (deciduous trees are better than evergreens for some reason...go figure!)Place the palm of your projective hand (right if right handed, left if left handed) uponthe trunk of the tree and say something like this to the tree:

"Blessed tree, my brother (or sister) of wood, I am in greatneed of your healing. I feel hollow inside, as my depression grips at my very heart...Iask that you aid me, assist me in healing myself of this...please assist me to feel strongand solid inside, assist me in being happy again..."

Now sit down facing the sun and lean your back against the trunk ofthe tree. As you become more relaxed, feel yourself melt into the trunk, becoming one withthe tree. Feel that you have become a branch, full of leafy foliage. Feel the Sunbeat down upon you...drink in the Light of the Sun God...feel His Love fill you,pushing your sadness into the tree...fill yourself with the energy of the sun, and allowthis to pass through you into the tree as well.

You are now part of the are the tree. Feel theoverwhelming Wisdom locked into your wood, your leaves. Feel all that it is to be atree...

Now slowly, feel yourself separate from the tree...becoming humanagain. Lean forward, and stand. Face the tree, and thank it...If you feel like it, give ita hug! (I do!!! hehe!!)

You and the tree are now are the tree, and the tree is nowyou. Love the tree, and care for it...the better the tree is cared for, the happier youwill be in the long run! And become one with the tree as often as you need to...(the aboveritual) and enjoy! If you ever need to move far from the tree, explain this to it, andgive it back the woody feeling inside, and it will give you back the human feeling it has.When you move, find a new tree... Also, if you can, whoever moves into the place you werein, if at all possible, ask them to take special care of this tree...that it has meaningto you.

spell to meet your Spirit Guide-***
Items you need:
Alater candle
Day candle(whichever colour for the day you will be doing see candles and astrological graph)
Offeratory Candles
3 violet
3 white
Athame to inscribe candles
Crystal ball or a clear glass of water
anise, cardamon, and corriander
Jasmine, lemon, rose, and sandlewood
Bathing herbs:
cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, and sandlewood
Best done during the Mercury hour of the day, although any hour would work. Any moon phase is appropriate.
Breathe deeply and build a ball of protective light around you. While soaking in your ritual bath, meditate on the whole ritual: the steps you will take and what you wish to say to your spirit guide when you make contact.
Enter the circle in the hour of Mercury. Light the incense. With the oil dress the Altar candle and the Day candle while concentrating on the purpouse of the ritual.
Light your Alter candle and your Day candle and state your intent: "I am here to make contact with my Spirit Guide, and to acknowledge him or her"
With your athame, inscribe Violet Candle #1 with the word "Spirit." Dress it with oil.
Light the Violet candle #1, direct your energies into it, and say "Here do I light the first Lamp of Spirit. May it's light reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May it make contact with that World of Spirit into which we will eventually enter."
Take your censer or incense wand and swing it around cansing the whole area around the altar, while rhythmatically repeating the word "merge" and building up energy focus.
Replace the cencer and pick up Violet candle #2. Inscribe it with the word "Spirit" and dress it with the oil. Put it back on the altar, light it, direct your energy into it, and say:
"Here do I light the second Lamp of Spirit. May it's light also reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May it make contact with the World of Spirit and help spred thelight, illuminating the passageway between the worlds."
Again take the censer or increase wand and cense the entire area around the altar while chanting the word "Merge" build up your energy to focus.
Take violet candle #3 inscribe the word "Spirit" dress it with oil, charge with energy, light it and say: "Here do I light the third Lamp of Spirit. May its light also reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May the light from these three lamps blend and grow, dispelling all darkness and lighting the way that my Spirit Guide may come to me and speak with me here today."
Inscribe the 3 white candles with the word "Truth" and anoint each candle with oil. Light the 3 white candles in order of 1,2,3 and say: "Here do I build Truth. As these candles burn throughout this ritual, their power generates nothing but truth in all that transpires between this world and the next. Through these candles these candles there is truth in all communications that come to me."
Again, sense the entire altar area while chanting the word "Merge."
Replace the cencer and continue chanting. Sit comfortably while chanting and gaze into the crystal ball or glass of water. Continue chanting until you feel it is right to let the chant taper off.Continue to quietly look into the crystal ball, not trying to picture anything. Keep your mind blank, so whatever comes will come in it's own free will.Gaze into the centre of the crystal, there is no need to try not to blink. Try not to notice anything in your perpheral vision, just centre of the crystal.Eventually a face or figure will appear. This may take a long time, or it may appear almost immidietly. If it doesn't appear within about 20 minutes, stop trying for now. blow ot the candles in the order they were lit, leave the altar and try again in 3 days. You should have results within a month.When a figure does appear, ask if he/she is your Spirit Guide. You will hear an answer. You may not hear it out loud, or even see the figures lips move, but you will be aware of the answer. This is how most of your conversation will procede. You will ask the questions mentally or aloud and you will get answers.


How to enter into the land of Faerie-***
When you want to enter the world of Faerie, you must dance (perferably naked) outside and say the words:"Hail Psilos, Guide and Guardian along the path between Binah and Kether.Hail Tehuti, Master of the stylus, the knowledge of mathmatics and the arts.Hail Thoth, Teacher of Wisdom, magick, and the symbols of Tarot.HailHermes-Trismegistus, "Thrice-great"messenger of the gods Son of Maya and Zeus Manst Theif Trainer of the way of the Thief
Father of Pan, the Wild Goat God Wielder of the Caduceua Parton to the Magi, the line of ancient adepts Inscriber of the Emerald Tablets
Mercurial escort, bearing Psyche to the palace of the gods, where she partakes of the ambrosia of immortality Master Servent, Hanuman, brining the Key of Solomon, the Egyptian Ankth of life.
Hail Merlin, Otherworld Guide Arch-Seer and Prophet of the Druids Wizard and Founder of the Order of Istari,Dweller of the Island of the Blessed, Aman
Mithrandir of the People of the Stars, and friend to all free ones We welcome and inition into your Mysteries,A glimpse of your wonderful magick
that is the essence of consciousness.Let the Dolmen-shape of the umbrella fungi soften the rain of your teachings as it gathers these waters of life
in it's sponginess.Allow our safe passage through your netherworld.Show us the fruit of our labors and ready us for lessons we may approach.We would take your hand as you lead us down the spiral path to Faerie.We look to you for advice and encouragement us we will this transition.Let your spore-seeds inflame our awareness and self-understanding just as this return-onering
burns to the ash of shed skin.May our journey through and out of the Underworld be pleasent yet fruitful.May we remember to trust our inner being as the source of manifestation and the center of existence.Thank you for your patience.Thank you for your compassion.Thank you for your humor.Thank you for your awareness.The flesh of the gods The blood of the gods Absorbed and encompassed,We enter the womb only to exit from the cave of our abandoned shell-self.In love, peace, and trust in all things
We begin this adventure in a spirit of bright joy and tender blessings.



The Complicated "Social Butterfly" Spell- This is one of my creation, made for a client who just wanted everyone to be "friendlier," when he had just moved. It is a little bit complicated, so be forewarned. ;) However, if you have the patience, it is a real, kickin' powerful spell...just complicated... Without further ado... my "I'm the social butterfly" spell.... You will need: 1 white figural candle to represent the petitioner (you, your client - whoever the target is,) A pink taper, A red taper, A light blue taper, An orange taper, 4 candleholders Sweet pea oil (all oils available at The Magickal Cat or Lucky Mojo Curio Co.) Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, Vanilla Oil, Sandalwood oil, Passion flower (cut, dried - available at Magickal Cat,) Rose buds, pink or red, Lavender flowers, Powdered orris root, 2 lodestones, properly paired, (confused? see this link to understand what I'm talking about,) A small light blue cloth bag (you can make this yourself,) Paper or parchment, Scrap paper, A pen, A fireproof container (large,) I suggest a large cake tin, such as used for sheetcakes, A mortar and pestle (optional, but helpful - you can also use a bowl and your hands if you lack the mortar and pestle,) A place to wash your hands, Rum (optional), A piece of hair, fingernail, etc, representing the target of the spell (you or your client,) And magnetic sand, also known as iron filings. Firstly, you will probably want to place all of the supplies you will be using on a clean surface away from where you will be burning your candles. It will be less confusing and hectic if you do so, but it is just a suggestion. ;) Now, take your paper, and write the name of the petioner/target on it 7 times, such as in this example using "John Doe," John Doe John Doe John Doe John Doe John Doe John Doe John Doe Turn the paper one quarter turn and write, "Is loved, admired, and popular with everyone," 7 times over the name so that it is covering it. You do not need to use my wording if you do not wish to, but it should be something similar. For example, you could write, "Popular, loved, wittty, interesting," seven times, or whatever pleases you. Now, tear the paper around what you have written so that all of the edges have a torn - not cut, side. Set your paper aside. Take your figural candle, and carve the initials of who it is to represent on it's "chest." Hollow out a bit from the base of the candle and place your witness sample (hair, finger/toenail, blood, etc,) inside. Close up this hole using the wax that you hollowed out of the candle. Now dress the candle with one drop sweet pea and two drops vanilla oil by placing the drops in your palm (if you prefer, you can pre-mix this for yourself - just use 1 part sweet pea to 2 parts vanilla,) and then pulling it over the candle 7 times towards you (base to wick.) Set the figural candle in the center of your fireproof container. In a seperate bowl, or in your mortar, mix your herb matter (rosebuds, lavender, orris root, and passionflower,) and also add some magnetic sand. If you have a pestle, grind this up together, but if you do not, fine it up with your fingers. The herb matter should be of approximately equal parts, but a few pinches of magnetic dust are al that is needed. Pour the herbal/magnetic sand mixture onto the center of your scrap paper, and set aside. Now, take your red taper, and carve something up one side to do with the petitioner's PHYSICAL attractability in one word. This can be "sexy," or "irressitable," or whatsoever pleases you so long as it has to do with the PHYSICAL of the target of the spell. Now, anoint the red candle with 2 parts vanilla, 1 part rose oil, using 7 pulls up from base to wick. Roll the taper into the herbal mixture, and place it into a candle holder. If you cannot have it rest securely in it's candleholder without lighting it and securing it with drippings, then set it aside somewhere for now where it can rest without dropping herb bits everywhere. ;) Take your pink taper, and in one word write something to do with the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL attractability (in a more ROMANTIC sense) of the petioner/target, such as "loveable." If you can't think of one word for this, you can use more than one, but don't write a sentence like, "John Doe is witty and irresistable." Also, try to stay away from more friendly words, like "Funny," or "trustworthy." I know someone is already you can contact me. ;) Now, anoint your pink taper in 1 part rose, 1 part lavender, and one part sweet pea oil using 7 pulls upwards from base to wick. To try to avoid contaminating your scents, you may have to wash your hands so please do this BEFORE you anoint your candle. Roll the pink taper in your herbal mixture, and place it in its candle holder or set it aside. Take your light blue taper, and in one word, carve something to do with the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL attractability of the petitioner/target in a more FRIENDLY type sense up the side of the candle. For example, "Witty," or "Enjoyable," work just fine. It is up to you. Anoint the blue taper in 1 part rose, 1 part sandalwood, and one part lavender oil. Roll in the herbal mixture, and place in its holder or set aside. Take your orange taper, and write something to the effect of "XX, is sexy(what you wrote on your red candle,) lovable (what you wrote on your pink candle,) witty (what you wrote on your blue candle,) and loved and adored by all those around him/her." Now using all the listed oils (Sweet pea, vanilla, rose, lavender, sandalwood,) in equal parts, anoint the orange taper. Roll the candle in your herbal mixture and set it in it's holder or aside. Take your paper that you wrote on earlier anoint it's four corners with equal parts of the five listed oils, and spit into the middle of it. Place a small witness sample (hair, nails, blood, etc,) into the spit, and sprinkle a little of your herbal mixture into the center of the paper on top of the spit. Now fold the paper in half, folding TOWARDS YOU. Turn the paper one quarter turn, and fold it once TOWARDS you. Place this beneath your white figural candle. Now to set up the "altar" where you will be burning your candles. You want your figural to be in the CENTER with the paper you wrote on BENEATH it. You want to place each of the tapers ina sort of an X pattern. For example, if you are using a sheetcake tin, you will want to place each of the tapers in it's own corner. When you have placed the candles correctly, they should look like this red candle---------------------pink candle --------------------fig------------------ blue candle------------------orange candle without me spending a zillion years htmling it out for you, that will have to do for a visual. ;) Now, place the matched lodestones at the feet of the figural candle. Light the figural candle first, and then light the candle on the bottom left hand corner, and continue clockwise, lighting the orange candle LAST. Be sure that all of your candles are SECURE in their candle holders so that they are NOT causing a fire hazard. You can't be a social butterfly if you are burnt to a crisp. ;) Place both your hand out so that there is one outstretched to either side of the altar, suchas if you are making a "welcoming gesture." Do not place your hands on the altar. Now, if you are doing the spell for yourself say, "I," where I place XX, but if you are doing it for another say thier full name in place of the XX. In this example, I will use the words I specifically chose for the candles, such as "sexy" for red, but you will need to use your words if you chose other ones. Say: "XX is sexy (red candle,) XX is adorable (pink candle,) XX is witty (blue candle,) XX is sexy, adorable, witty, and loved and adored by all (orange candle,)" Now place in a line of specific intent. For example, "All who meet XX are magnetically attracted to him/her, and wish to know him/her, and be his/her friend." You can altar this as it pleases you, make it longer, or more specific, but basically this should work. Now say the sentence for the orange candle 7 times, as in my example, "XX is sexy, adorable, witty, and loved and adored by all," x7. Drop your hands to your side, and say, "As is my will, so mote it be!" Allow the candles to burn all of the way out. When they have done so, remove your lodestones and your paper square from the altar. Put them on a table next to your blue bag. Take up the paper square again in your hand and say to it: "This paper brings to me/XX love and friendship from all those around me/XX." Place the paper square in the bag. Now pick up the lodestones, and say to them, these lodestones draw to me/XX all of the power of the paper square within this bag. These lodestones magnetically draw love and friendship to me/XX." Place the lodestones into the bag. Now, take a pinch of magnetic sand, and say "This magnetic sand feeds the lodestones within this bag, (pick up the bag here, and as you put the magnetic sand into the bag, say,) "and so long as the lodestones are fed the strength of the magic/k within this beg will continue to magnetically draw the love and friendship of all of those people around me/XX." Close up the bag. You can stitch it up, or use wax, but you will want to "feed" it magnetic dust at least once every mooncycle, though preferably once a week, so leave a small hole to "feed" it magnetic dust through. Say, "I awaken you to work right now!" (Some people like to pass it through the "elements," saying, 'I awaken you through earth,' and pass it through a bowl of salt, 'I awaken you through water,' and sprinkle water over it, 'I awaken you through fire,' and pass it through a flame, and finally, I awaken you through air' and pass it through insence can do this if you like to awaken your mojo bags like this.) Now, take up the rum if you have chosen this option, and put a small bit in your mouth and spit it onto the bag, and say again, "I awaken you now!" Now, grasp the bag and place it between your palms, such as in a "praying" position, and try to send energy into the bag, willing it to wake up and do what you have told it to do. When you feel the bag is "full of energy," and awake, say, "I have awakened you, and you shall work for me/XX, as is my will, so mote it be." Now be sure that the petitoner/target keeps the bag on their person or very nearby (such as in their purse, etc.,) and keeps the bag "fed" with magnetic dust, and they should soon find themselves surrounded by friends. As for the other ritual remains. I would say... throw these to the east of your house and then walk away without looking back.

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