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misc spells: level two

Spell reversal-**
" Spell, spell, spell be gone.
Back to which ye belong.
Back to the caster, take your disaster.
By the law of three, So Mote It Be!"

To break a spell all ready made-**

tools should include anything representing protection,balance, centering, and perhaps an object from the original spell. Also, remember to cast your circle or bless the 4 corners with holy water. You say these words:
"on the eve of (date) I cast a spell,
the effects I creat, I now must quell,
specifically(what it is).
May this spell be lifted, and I now be gifted
With (what it should be)."

mind spell-**
"bind and be,think like me
1 2 3 think with me 1 2 3 in your mind talk to me
if you see me if you don't
bind and be, 123"

Power bed spell-**
The shared bed. Is any place more special? It's a sanctuary, a passion pit, a temple of love, and a home entertainment center. Want to liven up your bed? Zap it with that special love vibe! Here is an easy way to make that bed oh-so-much-more than a set of springs!
You will need:
Some salt
Rose oil
Seven cloves
Red Clover

The Spell:
On the full moon, wash your sheets and pillowcases with a little soap and some salt. When they are completely clean, run them through again with no soap. When the machine is full of water, add some of the rose oil and say:


Then add the seven cloves and say:


While the sheets are washing, sprinkle the bare bed with salt, then sweep it clean. Sprinkle red clover over the bed.Dry the sheets, put them on the bed,over the clover leap on it naked, and say:


Jump in and have fun

Stop Gossip/Lies-**
On a smallish piece of paper draw a tongue sticking out of a mouth and a knife going through the tongue from top to bottom. This is to "pin down" a wagging tongue. Beneath the drawing, write: "The gossip, lies, and back stabbing stop here."

spell for opening-**
tis works from turning a keyin a stuck lick to opening jars. chant the following while making the sign of a pentafram over the lid of the jar or over the lock:
"open like the mother's womb
open like the unfilled tomb"
close your eyes and concentrate. if it si the jar, feel strength coming down your arm. Give it ohne good twist, imagining that your hand is a vise grip and made of steel. If is a key ,simply concentrat on knowing that thekey will turn.

Luck Spell-**
just say this words when the moon is full:
"Lady of luck come out of your hiden course
bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above and in the light of luck will be blessed i, when the moon is next to be full."
Questions about this spell? ... ...

Summoning a Spirit or ghost-**
For conversation with the dead go to a cemetery; avoid the grave's Annoyance, speaking always gently:
"Earth, bone, And winding sheet, let this spirit
Come to me- Yet send it In peace, Or not at all." If it comes, it should be offered white wine, not red; and knelt to, from pity.
E~Mail me at

Binding Someone Annoying-**
Take a piece of paper and write the name of the person that is to be bound on a 3"x3" piece of paper, using a black ink pen or a pencil. While you do this visualize the face of the person on your mind. When you have written the name cross it with an inverted pentacle (5 pointed star within a circle).Fold the paper twice and take a rubber band and tie the paper with it. Raise it to your temple and chant three times the following "To be protected from you,this magic charm i will do,
With this words i bind thee, for you to let me be, To be protected from your harm,I now seal this charm".Now place the paper on your right shoe and slam your foot on the ground nine times (doesn't have to be so loud that everyone hears it) As you slam it the ninth time say SO MOTE IT BE
I hope you guys enjoy this spell, it really easy and do work. If you have any questions just ask them "Blowing Wind"

To Soften a Heart-**
The following is a spell that is also likely to be used by teens. This spell soften the heart of the person that is cast on. May be a teacher or a parent or a boss!
Red Pen
Blue Pen
10 cm x 10 cm paper
green leaves
Write name of person to soften in paper, in capital letters, using blue pen and cross it with a pentacle On the other side of the paper write the following words using a red pen and encircle them with a heart:


Place the leaves on the side with the heart and fold paper four times. Don't let the leaves fall. Place paper on your heart, say:

MAY THIS GIFTS FILL YOUR HEART (name of person to soften)




Keep paper near heart for the rest of the day. In the night place paper in a park or your garden.
"Blowing Wind"

Spell to Make Someone Leave You Alone-**
This is a variation on a popular spell used to stop someone from harming or bothering you. This must be performed during a waning moon.On a piece of parchment or recycled paper, write the name and birthdate of the person you are wishing "away".Now fill an air-tight container (like a baby food jar or tupperware container) with water. Add a pinch of one or more of these magical herbs: ash tree leaves, clover, lovage, lilac, garlic clove. Take the paper with the name on it and fold it three times. Tie a black string or thread around it and drop it in the water. Seal the container up and bury it in a safe spot in your garden, yard or flower box..Once the person has left you alone or no longer poses a problem to you, open the container and empty it to the earth. Keep the container instead of leaving it to Mother Earth. richardspage.

An Artist's Inspiration Spell-**
Prepare:Pen, pencil, or paintbrush depending on the art form.
Elmer's glue
Silver glitter
Almond, sage, or vanilla essential oil
A white candle
This is a simple spell to bring you divine inspiration to write and create visual art.
Annoint the candle with the essential oil you have chosen and using an athame or a small, sharp tool, inscribe the name "Brighid" (goddess of poetic inspiration), or if you prefer not to invoke a deity, simply inscribe your art form which you need inspired in. Light your candle and begin.
Squeeze some glue onto a piece of scrap paper and dip the end (not the useable part) of your craft tool (pencil, paintbruch, or whatever) into it, covering about an inch's worth. Then roll the end in the glitter so that it is completely covered. As you do, focus on the inspiration you seek. Say your own blessing over the tool, then situate it so that it can dry without the glittered end getting smashed. The next day, make a few attempts at your art with your newly enchanted tool in hand. Let the inspiration come to you and flow from your mind to your material!magic wicca

Spell for Poetic Inspiration-**
Perform on a Wednesday when the moon is waxing. Best if done when the moon is in Gemini, but it's not required.Light a purple candle. You can also burn some jasmine or rose incense if you wish.Say this incantation:"Oh Goddess Brigit,bright lady of the flame,blessed mother of the poets.
Lend me such insight, wisdom, and divine inspiration that the words may flow to me
and that I may may craft them beautifully
so that they spin a tapestry of magic
In the hearts of all who hear them.
So mote it be!"Leave the candle to burn itself out. when it does, put it wherever you keep rituals remnants and give thanks to the Goddess for her gift.magic wicca

Spell to Keep Your Computer Working-**
This is a silly spell but it will actually work with the intent in mind. Trust me, I've used it successfully more than once... and it's fun, too!
spell to make your computer working-
Cut out seven stars from colored paper... one of each color for the days of the week:
Monday: White
Tuesday: Red
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Purple
Friday: Pink
Saturday: Black
Sunday: Orange

Chant over your stars:
"Magic stars so bright and true
Protect my monitor and CPU
May my keyboard and mouse always work for me
By the Techno-Goddess... so mote it be!"Place all the stars in a bag or box with a little sage, thyme, or rosemary. Each day for a week place the star on top of your monitor or computer that is the right color for that day. (See above.) If after a week your computer still has problems, you can continue the spell for another week or two. In desperate situations, pick up the phone book and call in your local computer wizard!

To Bind a Trouble Maker-**
This spell is best performed at the waning moon.
Situate the cauldron between 2 black candles, with a third black candle opposite you on the far side of the altar. Burn a protection or binding incense. Have the names of your enemies written on a smallpeice of parchment. If the names are unknown, merely write all my enemies. Sprinkle basil and elder flowers into the cauldron. Say:
"Bubble, bubble, cauldron bubble
Burn the evil, destroy the trouble."
Ignite the parchment from the central candle and drop into the cauldron. Take up the wand and stir the air above the cauldron while chanting:
"Darkness ended,
control is done.
Light has come,
My battle's won."
Take the ashes and herbs outside. Throw them up to the winds and the Moon.
richards page

Easing Grief Or Sadness-**
Any memorabilia which tends to powerfully evoke th sadness: letters, pictures, gifts, ect.; and an object which reminds you of some upcoming event which is likely to bring you pleasure(it can be a holiday month in the future, for example), blankets or pillows. The Spell
Sit while holding the memorabila, and allow the feelings to come freely.
Say aloud why you are sad. It's okay to cry, yell, or pound.
Find a key phrase that expresses your grief and say it out loud, over and over.
Now visualize yourself being held closely in the Mother Goddess, who rocks and comforts you. Swathe yourself in the blankets and pillows, and rock gently back and forth as you feel Her warm embrace. After awhile, look at the memorabilia again, and recall that in the circle, all time is now. What you once had, you always have in your heart, as long as you don't shut it out.
What you were given was real, and helped mold your life, and can never be taken away as long as you remember and cherish it.
Remember the good times, and when you are ready, thank the Lady reminds that you had them. Now bring out the object that reminds you of the coming event: a visit to a favorite friend or relative, a special holiday, or a conference that should be exciting. Remind yourself that life goes on, that is still much to look forward to: this is only a tiny sample of the good times ahead for you. Ask Her to heal your pain. Open the circle, and go visit a friend. richardspage

getsome one to leave you alone-**
This is a variation on a popular spell used to stop someone from harming or bothering you. This must be performed during a waning moon.
On a piece of parchment or recycled paper, write the name and birthdate of the person you are
wishing "away".
Now fill an air-tight container (like a baby food jar or tupperware container) with water. Add a pinch of one or more of these magical herbs: ash tree leaves, clover, lovage, lilac, garlic clove. Take the paper with the name on it and fold it three times. Tie a black string or thread around it and drop it in the water. Seal the container up and bury it in a safe spot in your garden, yard or flower box..
Once the person has left you alone or no longer poses a problem to you, open the container and empty it to the earth. Keep the container instead of leaving it to Mother Earth.richardspage

Truth Revealed Spell-**
Spell should be done during the waxing moon. Please note that this is not a spell designed to bring someone to love you. It is simply designed to help you see things more clearly, a spell to help you see the actions and sentiments of others in their purest state. Still, be forewarned: we all have hearts that can be easily hurt. Use this spell only when you are not particularily invested in the outcome, only when you seek understanding, nothing more. It has just one requirement: a pure intent. If you are already in-tune with the nature of the universe, if you feel the moons running through your blood, you should find this spell helpful.
"Moon and tide save help me now,
I seek the truth here not yet found,
For underneath the fog there lies,
New possiblities for I,
So let this night be unlike others,
And let the noble show their colors,
And let the meek and cowards run,
For now the moon seeks out her sun,
And by the power that is three,
So as I will it, so mote it be."

Chant for Good Grades -**
This is a spell to help you do well on tests. You still have to listen to what the teachers say and do your homework, but this should help you from making careless mistakes. Don't expect the god/dess to do all the work for you!
You can draw a pentacle one your paper if you want, but you don't have to. Throughout the day before taking the test say the following:
"On this test I take today
I will receive no less than "A".
Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea
As I say so mote it be!"
Now take the test and you can even say it a few times while taking the test. Say it in your head so others won't be disturbed.

A Destructive Knot Spell-**
If there is a situation, problem, possible menace you are facing,there is a knot spell for this.
Take the cord and firmly visualize the problem in all its agonizingdetail. Become emotional about it; seethe with anger, crumble into tears, whatever works.Then firmly tie the knot.Walk away from it, out of the room if possible. Take a shower, eat,do whatever will get your mind off the spell and allow you to relax.When your emotions are stabilized return to the knot. With calm andpeace untie the knot. See the problem vanishing; dissolving into a dust that is swept awayby the cleansing, refreshing North wind.

A Cleansing Chant-**
A reader said she uses thiis chant because she finds it "hard not to rave and rant." Perhaps this is something we could all use! "Uphold the rules of the Wiccan Rede. Be high in spirit ye shall succeed. Power of the Elements Five,Will help Mother Nature stay alive. From grains of Earth to the moving Air. Past the burning Fire that magick flares. Flow with Water, lakes, and streams;
Around the Spirit's aura and dreams."

Releasing Negative Energy Spell-**
Time: During the seven days of the Full of the Moon.
When and Where: Outside, Barefoot, facing East.
Clothing white cotton.
Bathe and meditate while using this breathing method. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When through, visualize the negative energy flowing out through the drain. Go outside and face East. Place the left arm straight down to the side. Palm flat against the body. Right arm straight out and palm side up. Bring up until the Full Moon rests on your palm as a crystal ball would rest. Meditate again using the Ohm meditation as you would a musical scale. When you are still and feeling the energy. Repeat the following:
"O Great Mother Goddess and Father God
You who are all yet nothing.
Beyond explanation and understanding.
I ask thee to grant my request this night.
I ask that you take the negativity that was sent to me
And send it swirling into the Universe.
Let it be sent back to the sender three fold
And as a lesson of what is right and wrong.
Let the residual energy be sent to me three fold
With loving, caring healing positive energy.
I ask that you grant this request.
I also thank Thee for your kindness and caring attention.
I ask this in the power of three
So Mote it Be! "

Blessed Be!
Lady Goldie

To make Bad Luck go away-**
At night time light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to contain the fire. Write on a piece of paper that is 3 inches x 3 inches, the words BAD LUCK. Then write down any bad things you do not like in your life right now. Then draw a big X across the paper with a black marker. While doing this you should be thinking of how all these things are going to disappear from your life, never to return! Place the paper in the fire and repeat the following words 3 times

"Fire, fire burning bright
turn my darkness into light!
Take away my bad luck ill,
bring me nothing but goodwill.
Bad luck came and stayed to long,
be gone forever, be gone, be gone!
with this fire burning bright,
bring me good luck, bring me light!"

After repeating these words 3 times, sit for a few minutes and concentrate on the bad luck being gone and the good luck coming your way! When you are done extinguish the fire.

To Bless a Magical Pen-**
When there's a new moon, fill a glass with consecrated water, (hope u have) and add some crushed roses, and a pitch of salt place the pen in glass, and the glass where the moon shines directly on it, burn some protection incense, visualize the pen being charged with a blue light, CHANT 3 or more times...

"iNK SO (color) AS THE (comparation)

courage spell-**
I am strong I have survived hard times before. The gods are my friends, my family. When I fell I can no longer stand. They will guide me through. I am loved dearly as I allow myself to be loved. I will also begin to really love others in this love. I will progress towards new heights and pain the way for others to follow and when I pass through the gate of death I will still be loved and others will keep the courage flame burning because of me. That will be my gift, my legacy"

lending strength-**
Touch the person you want and say " by the powers of the stars ,channel my strength to ( him/her),give(him/her)the strength(name) needs, even if I am week for a short while, let(him/her) be strong give (him/her) my energy"

friendship spell-**
light a candle star at the flame. wait for the flame to become straight. then say by the power of three times three I conjure thee, I conjure thee! let(name)be a good friend of me, by the burning candle I now carry out the spell now blow out the candle.

send a thought-**
take your power stone. heat it with you hands . imagine a purple string coming from your mind to the receivers. send the thought.

to give respect/popularity-**
begin on a Sunday and perform for 9 consecutive days. light gold or yellow candle and visualize yourself the way you want to be seen through their eyes say "I give respect, I receive respect, I give love, I receive love. i desire love and respect, by the power of the three fold law ,I will receive them!br>

land blessing-**
walk in a circle around the area you want to bless. say as you walk " Mother earth, grow lush
and green. let all that dwells in this soil fertile and yeald abundantly"

to reflect a spell on you-**
take a hand held mirror and hold it out from you glass out wards. say as you turn all the way around. circle of reflection, circle of protection, may the sender of all harm ,feel the power of this charm

traffic lights-**
to make the traffic lights stay green. say "count of one, this spell begun, count of two, all traffic lights in tune. count of three stay green for me 1-2-3 " then hit the seat with you hand and say "so mote it be"

to lure a spirit**-
darksome night and shining moon, hearken to witches rune. east then south, west then north, hear! come! I call thee forth."

The 'Figure It Out' Spell-**
Ever have a question that you just don't know how to answer?? Try this spell to solve your dilemma:

*A small object to represent the question
*Pouch or small bag
*Amethyst or quartz
*White candle

On a Sunday (light and knowledge) at noon, gather the above ingredients and go somewhere outside where you can be alone for at least 15 minutes. Light the candle, and say this:

Oh Fair Sun, burn so bright,
Aid my spell with your solar light.
Grant me vision, that I may see,
The path to choose, my will to be.

Next, take the object to represent your question in your hands. The object can be anything you wish; be it a leaf, a stone, a poppet,
photograph..anything, as long as it can act as a visual link to your wish. As you hold the object in your hands, visualize your question within your mind and say it outloud. Next, place the object in the pouch or small bag, adding the quartz (clarity) or/and amethyst (wisdom and meditation). Allow the candle to burn for about 30 minutes each night until it has burned itself out.
Carry the charm with you, placing it in your left pocket (energy travels from the left side of the body to the right) or in your purse. Place it near or underneath your pillow when you sleep. The answer to your question will appear itself to you either through dreams or thought and deed. Be open to the symbolism of magick and your answer will be forthcoming

Shyness spell for a partner-**
Take a piece of Tiger's Eye (for courage) and Citrine (for eloquence). Have your partner hold them in his hands at his heart and picture you in his mind and repeat thrice:

"I charge you, citrine and tiger's eye, to give me the courage to speak to (your name),
so we can discover each other and share our time happily."

Have him carry them whenever you two meet......beforehand charging them by handling them while he thinks of you.

Get over it spell-**
Cast this spell on a Saturday, the day symbolizing death and endings. This spell will enable you to view the relationship as finished and get on with your new life. Hanging on to the past will itself be a thing of the past.

You will need:
1 yellow candle
2 sheets of parchment paper or hand made paper
green ink
2 drops of essential rose oil
2 drops sandalwood oil
a piece of green stone, jade or green glass
1 green candle
heat resistant container

Cast a circle of protection. Light the yellow candle and repeat:

"I allow (name of ex lover) to peacefully leave my life. I am glad that this is so"

On the parchment, write down all your negative feelings about the ending of the relationship, all the injustices and wounds you felt were dealt. Do not hold back. Let your emotions bleed into the spell(figuratively speaking). Weep or wail if you wish, this is the time for grieving, and take as long as you must, When you have completed your grieving and calmed yourself, sprinkle the oils over the paper. Light the green candle and hold the parchment and glass or bead over the flame. Repeat three times: Let all fury, anger and despair depart my heart. (Name of ex) is free to leave my life. I now allow the winds of change to bring my good fortune to me.

Place the paper and glass (or which ever you used) into the heat resistant dish and allow it to burn down into ash. Feel the pain of the relationship burning away; allow the flames of anger to die down into embers, then ash. When cool enough to handle, take the ashes outside and scatter them into the wind. Take the glass keepsake to a body of moving water and throw it into its depths and do not look back. As an alternative, bury it deep in the earth, and do not look back. Allow the spell ten days to work. Grieving is
never that easy.


The Bubble Spell -**

a thing of bubbles

"Bubbles, bubbles, away now fly.
Release my anger as they rise!
As they float away from me,
Anger gone, so mote it be!"

(you can change "anger" to anything...aka- depression, hopelessness, tension, etc. whatever you want to get rid of.)




You will need:
1 popscicle stick
1 qt. jar w/ screw top lid

Write the name of the person on one side of the stick and yours on the other. Place the stick in the jar, fill the jar half full with sugar

    " In this sugar, we both stand back to back, yet hand to hand.
    Change------name-------sour thoughts of me to sweet fogiving  thoughts, I plead"

Add water until jar is 3/4 full, say:

    " With this water I wash away all that keeps us now at bay. Sugar water, I now pray, let forgiveness come my way."

Cap the jar tightly and shake it 9 times saying:

    "Sugar syrup do your thing and ----name---- forgiveness quickly bring.
    Soak him in thoughts of me so sweet that his forgiveness is complete."

Shake Jar nine times whenever you need to.


A Spell to See Spirits-**

To see spirits, old European grimoires recommend mixing together aloe, pepper, musk, vervain, and saffron and burning this in a cemetery. We can adapt this for other locations (like those in which the spirit lived) by adding a bit of sweet grass or tobacco to a specially prepared incense. Create the incense on the anniversary of the death of the individual you wish to contact. This is then burned at 11 am, in the safety of a magic circle that also holds symbolic items to connect you to the entity. An incantation to encourage the spirit's presence is

    "Guardians of the Spirit realm, hear and guide my plea.
    When the witching hour rings true, bring my friend (loved one, etc.) ________ to me.
    Other souls who hear my call are not welcome in this place.
    Only the one known as _____ may enter sacred space."

Repeat the request three times, twenty minutes apart, then wait quietly for indications of a presence. Signs include the scent of flowers or a favored cologne, a cool wind, movement of curtains, and candles going out or twitching erratically. Once you feel sure the spirit is with you, do not make it tarry overly long. Take care of your business, say farewell, and thank the guardians for their assistance.

Spell Usage
Communication with and understanding the purposes of spirits.

Word of Warning: Spiritual entities should not be banished or called for amusement. It is best to contact a knowledgeable, experienced psychic for advice or assistance before undertaking any of these spells.

Spell Timing
In-between times (noon, midnight, dusk, and dawn). Halloween. Seasons of late fall and winter. Moon in Libra. Eclipses. Wednesday.




Create Your Own Destiny Spell-**
From: (Mark)

For this spell you will need these ingredients:

a dressing gown or bathrobe (preferably one you use only for Magical
a mirror
two white candles
a green apple cut in half
a cucumber cut in half
a piece of paper
a pen

The best time to cast this spell is on a Sunday. Begin by taking a bath
or shower, then get dressed in your ceremonial gown. Gather all the
items of Enchantment on a flat surface but near the mirror, so that when
you sit down you can see your reflection. Light the candles. Pick up
the apple and the cucumber, and breathe in a few deep breaths. Focus
your thoughts on what you'd like to achieve in the future. Think big,
and write down your ideas on the piece of paper. Look into the mirror
and repeat these words:

"I will travel from the depth to the light, I am my own Universe --
capable of all things, I create my own Destiny."

Read out the ides you've written down, and add the words: " I will do
this -- this is my future"


Spell for People who always One-Up you**
you will need:
a dollar bill- the rattiest you can find
(get it from the rattiest place you can find)
At midnight, light a small corner of the dollar bill on fire,
say the persons name three times, then say:
You think you are green,
You think you are gold,
You think you are hot,
And will never grow old!
Blow out the corner of the burning bill and crush it in you fist,
toss it to the ground and stop on it saying
Now here you go,
Now under my toe!
So much for your snub-
Now heres the rub!
After you have recited the hex, pick up the bill from the ground.
Later drop it near the person and say:
"Oh you dropped this!" pick it up and hand it to them with a knowing smile,
and watch the cookie crumble!


To Halt people without Privacy Boarders -**
From: "SpiritWolf"
you'll need:
a small letteropener
When no one is around, go to the place where you normally get harassed.
Sprinkle salt around
you three times, saying:

Let me be, Let me be, Let me be,
My life is my own
You I disown,
Pester me not,
Or you will rot!

Now take the letter opener and point it straight up:
I am shielded,
I am sealed tight,
I'm protected.
By swords might

Visualize a silver globe protecting you from the nosey one, then place the letter opener
somewhere nearby. Later, when the nosey one starts poking for details,
pick up the letter opener and start playing with it.
Visualize the silver globe and smile-soon he or she will be gone!


To Create Calmness Among Chaos-**
Submitted by:

You need:
White candle
Jasmine or Pine incense
Sprig of sage
This is best performed at night, but it can be done any time of day.

Light the white candle and the incence stick.

Close your eyes and hold the sage close to your nose, and breathe in its
calming scent. Keep holding it as say:

"Calming powers of sage and pine,
Add order to this life of mine.
By the four coners,
The elements,
And the God and Goddess too,
If this gift seems fit to you,
Then please grant calmness unto me.
So mote it be, So mote it be."
Repeat as necessary. It always works within a day or two


Spell to Silence Whistlers or Hummers-**
next time the situation arises, depending on what the offender is doing,
hum or whistle quietly into the four directions, down then up:
Then whisper:
Echo steals Echo
Sound cancels sounds
What vibrates to me,
Now goes around.
Clap your hands and say:
Around and about
All Noise OUT!
The sounds should pass!



Curse a Liar to tell the Truth-**
Those little white lies can reveal black little hearts. If someone is lying
to you or about you in a malicious manner, balance the scales.

You will need:
*A Black Feather

The Spell

Take the black feather and clean it lightly in water. On a new moon, hold
the feather to the sky and say:



Give the feather to the liar or place in a personal space of his or hers,
and say:


The truth will come out.


Spell for a Smoother Internet Connection!-**

MATERIAL COMPONENTS: none (though it doesn't hurt to get something to
represent the gods Mercury and Ganesh, like pictures or herbs).

If you're having trouble linking into your provider, sit back and let
the program begin the connection process.
Visualize a smoothly running brook and say the following:

Smooth as running water flows,
So this Internet connection goes.
Mercury and Ganesh.
Ganesh and Mercury.
Lend your power.
So mote it be!
As you say this, visualize a colorless flow of energy between you and the
machine. Usually by the time you do this two or three times, you'll end up
with a smooth connection no matter how much trouble you had before.control




For people who always tall the ends of books and movies-**

You will need a small piece of yaarn or thread, preferably from the person in question, but any will do in a pinch. Look at the person ( or at least intently think of his or her face) take the cord, or thread, at the dark of the moon, knot it three times saying,

"Ending's ending

soon will be

by the tying

of tohngue by three

silent you shall be to me,

by my silence

may it be!" then put a finger to your lips and be completely silent for one minute, visualizing the person in question as likewise silent. Leave the knotted cord somewhere where the person will be, or bury it deep in the ground.


To call a stray pet-**

Pets are tuned in psychically to their owners and will respond to an invisible call even at a distance so don't worry when they get lost or they run away.   Place some food and milk or water in the pet's familiar bowls. Light a blue candle next to them and say:

"my fair beauty gone astray

please come back to me today.

With my yearning heart and wonder,

Please come back to me from yonder."

Afterward leave the cadle to burn down, or snuff it out.


Cleansing the spirit-**

"As a white  candle shinging bright, incense burns should any tell.

So then is allour relations, com forth, all is well.

From north, to east, south and west,

The four directions of trials and test

I close thy eyes and so rest

Work is still to be done, shall we do our best

So mote it be now as we see

Blessed be as ye be. Go in peace." Take one white candle and two bowls or censers and fill them with sand. Next put two pieces of round charcoal and powedered inccesnse.   When you get to the part where you close your eyes do so. Keep repeating until you feell relaxed and in a meditative state of mind. Invcoke the spirits. Invoke the goddess.


Cleansing the body of negative energies-**


1 white candle

1 black candle

1 green candle


The white candle is for positive energy. The black for negative. The green candle is for healing. Clear you rmind and light the white candle and say the following:

"Mother earth, fire, wind, water and spirit. I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies." Light the black candle and repeat the same words as before. Then after that light the green one and then say:

"Mother earth, fire, wind, water and spirit, I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative forces. Blessed be." Must be in a quiet room. After doing this sit for 15 minutes. And relax.


For a productive School Day-*

 Before heading to school, sit cross-legged facing east and say:

" Oh goddess of Wisdom, be with me this day,

as I go forth to seek knowledge,

Guide my path and let my mind be open.

So Mote it be!"



Spell to see the truth-**

"To see the truth

to know the way,

I cast a spell in every way,

By the pwer of three,

I conjure thee

To give thy truth

Unto me."


Increase gas mileage-**

To increase gas mileage, empower a quartz crystal with the following chant and carry it in your vehicle:

"Stone of perfect energy

to mileage bring efficiency.

Let my carbs work like a top-

No backfire, sputter, snap or pop."


Power Raising Spell-**

Repeat this spell until you feel you have enough energy as you need.

"give me, o give me,

a touch of magick

a kiss of magick

the bliss of magick!"



Spell to stop slander & gossip-**

On a Monday night of a waning moon, burn a black candle. While the candle is burning, repeat this verse 9 times:

"let these fools be silenced

may their bable be canceled

may peace be mine, now and evermore." Do this for 7 nights


Untwisting Spell-**

For straightening out your life.

You'll need:

An onion
A knife
A spiral candle
An essential oil
Incense or music

Dress the candle at least one day before you do the spell. You will be naming this candle for the person to be untwisted, so choose whatever color seems right to you. Turn the candle wick-down over a paper towel. Fill the eye dropper with the essential oil or whatever you are using. This should also be appropriate, such as ginseng for a male, rose hips for a female, or a plant that you associate with the person or their problem.

Say, "I name this candle for _____". Slowly turn the candle to the left as you drip the oil on it, allowing it to spiral downward. As you do this, concentrate on the person and exactly how and why they are screwed up. It will drip, so be sure to have a cloth or paper towel beneath it. Leave the candle there to dry overnight. It should have flecks of dried oil all over it. Put the candle in a holder once dry. You can do the spell immediately, or leave the dressed candle on your altar or in a windowsill until you are ready for it.

Put the candle, knife and onion on your altar or working surface. Light incense or play some music to make sacred space. Say, "Onion, I name you for _____. As I cut away this skin, I make you ready for transformation. I remove your resistance to it."

Cut the top layer off the onion, then light the candle. Begin to cut into the onion, peeling away layer after layer until you come to the bulb at its center. Concentrate on the person as you do this, naming your purpose aloud as you go. Say whatever feels right, things like "I cut away your negativity" or "I remove those who have bad influence over you". If the onion bulb is a double one, cut the smaller one away. Remove all these parts of the onion from the altar, wash your hands and the knife, clean the surface where you worked.

The candle should still be burning, with the onion bulb in front of it. Focus on the candle, make it the person you are trying to help. Imagine that it untwists them as it burns. Raise power and command,

"Do not resist me as I untwist thee, do not resist me as I untwist thee."

Repeat this as many times as feels necessary, allowing the candle to burn down completely. Think about exactly what you mean by untwisting, what changes you want to see the person make in themself and their life.

The onion peelings represent all that was wrong with the person so get them out of your house immediately, burn or otherwise destroy them. When the candle has finished burning, set the onion bulb on a windowsill or in some other place where the morning sun will reach it. I use an eastern window for this. Tell it (the person) that they will be reborn in the morning with the sun, that everything is going to be all right.

The last time I did this spell I left the onion overnight in a circle of rock crystals and dried red roses, atop my pentacle. You can arrange whatever feels right to you for the onion, or just leave it there alone. Plant the bulb the next day, doing so indoors if the earth is too cold outside for this. This act will serve to ground the power you raised. If the onion happens to take root and bloom, that is a wonderful sign the spell has worked.

This spell should work within a few days even if the onion simply withers. If the person is extremely screwed up, you will have to do other things to further empower the spell. Some suggestions:

Cast it at midnight when the moon is full; cast a circle before performing the spell. take a symbolic shower afterward, imagining you are washing the person's problems away - then dress in white or in new clothes make a bonfire for the person, into which you throw heads of garlic and everything that symbolizes their problems, destructive behaviors, negativity or whatever administer a potion or sprinkle a powder where they will walk through it, something charged for positive improvements arrange for other witches to also work on this person, each witch in his or her own way.

Source Unknown


Elemental Blessing of a Charm-**

Blow on the charm (air), and say 'Powers of Air, bless and inform this charm'.

Hold it over a candle flame (fire) and say: 'Powers of Fire, bless and enliven this charm'.

Sprinkle it with water, and say: 'Powers of Water, bless and empower this charm'.

Touch it to earth or a pentagram or sprinkle it with salt (earth) and say: 'Powers of Earth, bless and make fruitful this charm'. Putting salt inside the charm itself helps ground the work - salt represents the element of earth.

Hold the charm above your head in both hands, and say 'Power of Spirit, Reconciler, bless this charm and its maker. For the good of all and according to the free will of all this work is done. So be it' .


Separating Yourself from a Problem or Person-**

Small issues can be handled in a magick circle, whereas larger issues may need a full ritual. Think carefully which is best for the situation. You will need two black candles, a long black ribbon, black gloves, scissors, the cauldron containing small amount of alcohol, and a silver bell. Cleanse and consecrate all items. Dress the candles to send negativity away from you, then light them. Hold each end of the ribbon and name the ends. Pass the silver bell over the altar several times, until you feel you are in tune with the Universal energies of love and peace. Anger is not a luxury afforded to you in the situation. Put on the black gloves and say:

I call upon the energies of Universal balance
I call upon the ancient energies of my people
I call upon the living essence of the Morrigan
Underworld and heaven
Land and sea
I waken these energies unto me.
Witness now that I renounce and sever
Break bonds and connections with ______
By all powers that are One Power
May the great sisters of karma now weave anew
And separate me from you
As I will, so mote it be!
Cut the ribbon:
It is so.
Light the cauldron. Burn both pieces of ribbon.


Chant for Inner Strength-**

I call the light of Golden rays I seek protection Thus,

I pray For heavenly forces At my side Angels, sages,

Spirit guides Or wolves who walk With cunning skill

Come to my aid!

Come at my will!

Black bird soaring Light my path

So I am victim To no ones wrath!

And when my Journey knows success.

All those who aid me

Goddess bless

Spell to Create Sacred Space-**

Light a white or violet candle and say:

"Powers above and Powers below
Powers without and Powers within
Circle and protect me
Guide, guard, heal and hallow me
And bring me safe home."

Spend some moments visualising the protective and cleansing power radiating from the candle flame, through you and out into your working area. Then say:

"It is done. This space and all within it is cleansed and hallowed. It is done"


Truth Spell-**

You need
1 white candle
white flower petals
1 picture, or the persons name on a piece of paper
A spell box
Cast the circle
After casting the circle lite the candle and lay the picture down infront of
it. Put the petals in
the spell box and then say:

Silence now thy lieing tongue
Only truth and honesty come
from thy lips and from thy tongue
Til the next full moon doth come

As you say this burn the picture in the candle flame. Once it is turned to
ash, take the spell box
with the white petals and put the ashes in the box. Keep it til the next
moon then throw its
contents to the winds.


Spell to Claim Your Own Space-**

Look at your face in the mirror - first thing in the morning is a good time, before the cares of the day have had time to hit. See yourself as you really are. Say aloud:

I have the right and the duty to take time and space to refresh my spirit, today and every day. Unless I am refreshed, I cannot continue to give.

I acknowledge the presence of the Goddess in me and know that I can give more fully to those I love if I am myself refreshed and nurtured."


Smile at your reflection and go about your busy day. Repeat every day until you no longer need the spell.


Frost Giant spell-**
-use this spell to stop gossip,cool an agrument,stop harresment or banish a problem.

Moon Phase-anytime
Planet-Saturn or Pluto
Supplies-piece of paper;a pen,a baggie,your freezer

-write the name of the person that is bothering you on the piece of paper.Put a vertical line of the paper.FOld the paper in a small square & put the paper in the baggie.Seal the the freezer door & say 'chill out'
Throw the paper in the freezer & shut the door.say 'Frost Giants,please sit on ______ so they wont bothe me no more.
WARNING-if you take the baggie out of the freezer they'll start again.This spell doesnt hurt anyone

the perfect soulmate spell-**

With these Magic words
I begin my Spell.
Hear me, O mystic star,
Hear me well--

Let your Magic light
Send me the love of my life.
The Spell has been cast--
So Be It


to break a hex spell-**
(if someone is directing negative energy toward you)

Enemy mine your power is gone
The hex is broken
The Spell is undone
Thy eye has been turned away.

Enemy mine you've gone away
So shall it be from this day.

the party person spell-**

To the left and right of me
Above and below me
I awaken the spirit of Nature within me.

communicating with your cat spell-**

If you want to know what your cat is thinking, and bring him/her into your magick circle)
By the eye of the cat,
By the wing of the bat,
Be clean and clear,
Bring his/her spirit near.

create your own destiny spell-**

I will travel from the depth to the light,
I am my own Universe--capable of all things,
I create my own destiny.


When a cat, dog, or other pet has gone missing, do not despair. Pets are tuned in psychically to their owners and will respond to an invisible call even at a distance.

Place some food and milk or water in the pet's familiar bowls. Light a blue candle next to them and say:

"My fair beauty gone astray
Please come back to me today
With my yearning heart and wonder,
Please come back to me from yonder."

Afterward leave the candle to burn down, or snuff it out when your pet returns.


Spell to Find out if someone is Magic. -**

You need to be able to see the person for it to work. If you are a beginner you may not want to try this spell, it can cause evil spirits to come, but this is one of the few spells that can be used by level threes so be thankful for that. You must only think about that one person and NOTHING else! Then you must imagine energy coming from them to you, if they stop right in there tracks or start to move slower it's worked so far. Now if you feel like something is shoving you back, they are magic.

This Spell is by.... Richard Boehm




Now I've always had a knack for reading people, but this always helps me the morning after when in comes to reading minds.  I suggest that this spell be used by someone who already has already evolved their telepathy.
Do this spell before going to bed. A quick relaxing meditation before helps. While burning a white candle, and a purple candle, side by side, chant this three times, and
envision your mind opening up.  Then blow out the candles, and go to bed.
"As it be thought in the mind of others
both familiar and strange
both sisters and brothers
may it be heard in mine own head
loud and clear as if it'd been said."
Repeat the spell at least once in the morning, while envisioning your mind opening up.
Remember, other peoples thoughts will almost seem like your own. You can't pull them out of people either. Over-concentrating will screw this up.  Just have an open mind.
-Isaac Whitaker


Undo bad energy, bad fortune & get rid of a bad situation -**

To undo a hex, bad energies, bad fortune, and get rid of bad situations from your life . . .

Get a fresh red chili pepper,

a red ribbon,


a smooth medium stone,

& brown paint

  "When stars do fail the planets morn, their mother, no more children born. Escape the bonds through fractal geometry, catching the curves, enchanting the
dichotomy." - Open with this.

  "Where deal was made and vow was broken, seize his tongue that truth be spoken. What words of ill come from his mouth, let them to his belly travel south." -
recite 3 times while preparing the next part.

   Take his name and bind it in red, with a hot chili pepper place it under your bed.

   Before you sleep, his name invoke, by the morning of the third day turn the bundle to smoke. Do this out of doors in the dawn's early light, facing South speak
out for what is right. Declare your wounds be healed before dusk, lest his words to a shrink he in trust.

   Then with your stone and brown paint write his name on the top, a symbol of the problem on the back (Money - $; Love - heart; etc. . . .) and an X circled upon
them, do not slack. Bury quickly far away and out of site, rest assured it will be visited in the night!

   Call out to Akianshasar to aid in your plight, once done be happy to sleep one good night. By morning, from dream, you'll be well aware of all that will happen
in this misfortune you share.

This Spell is by.... Kieric Miles


 Waterfront Spell-**
Find a fallen twig the appeals to you. you can correspond with planets and your aim, i.e. Jupiter - prosperity; nutmeg etc... it's best not to take straight from the tree, but if you must, please be modest, and say 'please' and 'thank you' to the Spirit of the Tree. whittle your twig into a small wand, and concentrate on the rewards and adventures you want to wish for. On the day of a new moon, take the magick wand to a river or sea. WARNING: NEVER TAKE TO AN ENCLOSED BODY OF WATER I.E. LAKE OR A CHANNEL. Concentrate hard on what you want to wish for and see it in your minds eye, now say it out aloud (if possible) and throw it as far as you can and imagine all your wishes coming back X3 layden with wild and exotic possibilities.

This Spell is by...

Shell Duke



Binding Spell-**

Do on a waning moon.

On a sheet of paper, write the name of the person who you wish to bind. Also write down some negative behaviors that you would like to change positive. Roll the paper
and wrap with black ribbon, set paper on fire, and place in a fireproof bowl. Chant this until completely burned:

"As this paper chars and burns, all these behaviors soon will turn."

Dump the ash in the water. Visualize it glow with power of peace. Concentrate on your intent. Take the water and ash to a north tree at your home, and pour water & ash
around the base while chanting three times:

"Sink this into mother earth, give love and understanding birth."

Visualize how things will be different.

"So mote it be!"

     This Spells is by...  Reedweb

Learning spell-**

Items Needed:
Dried Rosmary
Dried Sage
Ground Walnut
2 Blue Candles
1 Yellow Candle

~Place the yellow candle in the cauldron. Surround it with the walnut and sage. Place the two blue candles behind the cauldron and light all candles. Burn Rosemary with the yellow candle while chanting:

"Lord and Lady, Rosemary burn; Let me absorb all i can learn, i ask this of you please, let the knowledge flow like the breeze" ( 4 times)

~Meditate and envision the knowledge flowing in you and through you



Spell to Remember a Past Life -**
Items needed:
1 white candle
1 mirror

Sit in front of the mirror, turn off the lights, and light the candle. Set the candle next to the mirror so the light from it can hit your face, but so you will not see the candle in the mirror. After this is done, look into your eyes and say:

Oracle of lunar light,
Send me the second sight.

Stare into your eyes and do not blink. Your reflection will dissolve and another will appear. Try to look at the face, body,clothing,and surroundings. After you do this you will have emotions you can not explain. Don't worry they go away in a few minuets.   

Cleansing the spirit-**

"As a white candle shinning bright, incense burns should any tell

so then is all our relations, come forth, all is well.

From north, to east, south, and west,

The four directions of trials and test.

I close thy eyes and so rest

Work is still to be done, shall we do our best

So mote it be now as we see

Blessed be as ye are go In peace."


Take one white candle and two bowls or censers and feel them with sand. Next put two pieced of round charcoal and powdered incense. Close your eyes when you get to that part in the incantation. Keep repeating until you feel relaxed and in a meditative state of mind. 

another binding spell-**
write the name of the person you wish not to harm you on a piece of paper. Now sate at the paper and visualize that persons face until you can se it imprinted on the apaper. Then fold the paper three times and tie it with a black thread or string. pace it in a small air-tight conatainer. Fill the conainter wither water and place in the back of the freezer where it won't be disturbed saying
"stay there and freeze
for as long as i please"
This should be done during the waning moon.

A binding spell-**
You can use a white candle and thread and charge your candle with protection
( using protection oil ),
Or you can use a black
candle and black thread, charging the candle with binding negative forces (
using all purpose oil )..
Take your candle, annoint and charge it. Light the candle and insence, we
used Frankinsence and Myrrh.. Write on the twig all the negative things you
wish to bind in your life.. Take your thread and wind it around the twig
while chanting:
" Wound and bound, Wound and bound,
So the words of will resound,
Holding, binding, clasping firm,
This evil shall not return!"
When the twig is full, or you feel the power at it's peak say "SO MOTE IT BE!!
When you are finished, place the twig into a wooden box, or bury it in the
earth, or burn it.. Since it has no person's name, you will not need to undo


another binding spell-**

write the name of the person you wish not to harm you on a piece of paper. Now sate at the paper and visualize that persons face until you can se it imprinted on the apaper.
Then fold the paper three times and tie it with a black thread or string. pace it in a small air-tight conatainer. Fill the conainter wither water and place in the back of the freezer where it won't be disturbed saying:

"stay there and freeze

for as long as i please"

This should be done during the waning moon.






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