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Gothica's Realm

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misc spells: level four

Making a barrier-****

"Caerimomian, Minerva

Saepio saepire

Saepsi saepio

Impedimentra" You have to visualize a lot of your energy going into a wall in front of you.



Sex change-****

This spell is to make a boy look or act like a girl. Very hard to do. You first get a bowl of crystals. These are your energy source. You then get four white candles and put them around the bowl. Sit and center.

"Oh hecate I call on you

I humbly ask your will be done" There should be a bunch of energy coming from the crystals, after you visualize or power push it. The energy should be going around you.

Then say:

"Hear my request: a simple change

create a daughter from a son." Then release the energy into the world, preferably into the guys body. This spell is only used for good.


Fire ball spell-***
Make a circle out of the five elements. You need to have something that represents these for the circle. You can use stones. Light a candle in the center of the circle and invisioned a imaginary ball about the size of a basketball. Using a mind or concentration spell, concentrate on the flame. The flame of the candle will burst upwards, and where the imaginary ball was there will be a fire balll. You can relwaseit in the shape you want, but be careful in a contained area.

This spell is used to burn objects without you lighting them. You do the same as above, only put the object in the middle to to burn.ask the five powers to conform into the object amd make it burn. If you concentrate o the object it will start to quiver, slowly at first then faster. It should burst into flames sending quiet large flame in all directions. It is strongly recommended you do this with caution.


This spell would be able guide you to a place or thing. After chanting think of where you want to be guided to.

"Aradia, Goddess of the lost, the path is murky, the woods are dense, darkness pervades. I beseech thee bring the light." After this you should see a little ball of light in the air or in your hand if you have it held out. Think of where you want to be guided to and then it leaves your hand and you follow it.



"Enemy, enemy be now quit. Let your deceitful tongue be broken

let no untruths be spoken." I usually  blow a little bit of truth powder in the air near them. (see potions)



Improve Magick-***

"I take the power in my hands from air and fire water and land power fo the angels nad divinity moves and pulsates the energy in me I build I birth I bring form I raise with might an energy storm I shape I build the ultimate power from me blooms a perfect flower of strength of healing I reigns"



To start and stop a fire-***

Put your hand over where you want tot start and stop the fire.


Start: "Fire fire in my eyes, powers concealed across the skies. Start a flame sparkling high, fire burn fire die.


Stop: Stop the flame sparkling high, fire stop fire die.


Forgetting spell-***

"Memory blan seen no more,

forget what happened

what happened no more." you have to look the person in the eye and think of what they have to forget.




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