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Healing spells

Sympathetic Sorcery For Ill Health-*
According to the Romanies, there is no simpler way to cleanse someone
of an illness than to cut their fingernails and trim their hair. The
nail and hair clippings should then be buried. Some say throwing the
clippings into a stream, river, or running water will wash the illness

To stop pain-*
take a piece of paper and write {this is done as it was in the e-mail
- I hope this hasn't been messed up in the e-mail}:
t t
o o
p p
o o
t t
in the middle draw a pentagram and touch it to the place where it
hurts then burn the paper and dispose of it

To Stop Diarrhea -**
I know. This isn't the funnest thing to read about. But we all have
had this problem one time or another. My method is learned from a
wonderful friend and it is very simple. Get some C&H brown sugar. Take
3-4 teaspoons of this about three times a day
for two days. Then, for the next 2-3 days, take 1-2 teaspoons 3 times
a day. That's it! Trust me! It really works!

Healing Cord Spell-**
Take a length of green cord, while thinking of your illness (Or the
illness of someone else) tie 9 knots in the cord, saying,
"The 1st knot is me healthy,
The 2nd knot I was exposed to the disease/flu (whatever)
The 3rd knot I caught the disease/flu etc.
The 4th knot I became ill
The 5th knot my body struggles for health
The 6th knot I perform this spell
The 7th knot illness leaves my body
The 8th knot I am becoming well
The 9th knot I am healthy once more.
To Stop a Wound From Bleeding-**
Quickly Clear Your Mind and chant the following three times: "Rivers
Shall Flow Be Pure and crystalline But red rivers must not they must
be trapped inside my being This river so red Must Be Stoped with a
Golden Net Stop the now stop this bleed" and when you stop there will
be no blood
Questions about this spell? email the author of it.... Diego Castillo

Skin and Acne Healing Spell-**
This spell is specifically for someone who has a skin problem that is
persistant and makes them feel insecure or causes them irritation.
This includes but is not limited to rashes, acne, bruises, and
swelling. before going to sleep. Following a bath, make yourself
comfortable somewhere in your bedroom. You must be able to easily
reach the problem area on your body or face. Place a hand over the
skin. Close your eyes and imagine something calm and serene,
specifically, a scene where there is water. This could be an ocean, a
quiet lake, or rain in the tropics.Chant three times:"Goddess heal me
So mote it be!"You can replace Goddess with the name of a healing
deity if you wish. Move your fingers slowly over the infliction. Now
imagine it is smooth, flat, and healthy. As you slowly pass your hand
over the skin, it should feel almost as if it is already healed. Thank
the Goddess or the deities invoked.
This spell, if successfully performed, will cause the skin problem to
disappear within a few days. If you are having serious problems, see a
magic wicca

healing spell-**
think of the person to heal. imagine them getting better. while doing
so say these words wrap thee in cotton, bind thee with love.
protection from pain surrounds like a glove. Brightest of blessings
surrounding thee this night for thou are cared for, healing thoughts
sent in flight"
to get ride of a headache-**
focus on exactly where the pain is, then chant 3 times" tame thou
flesh and blood as our lady tames the lion."br>

heal and animal-**
goddess with your healing touch bless this animal we love so much.
Goddess with beasts as your domain heal the sickness heal the pain. so
mote it be!

Healing spell-**
Candles: 2 White  1 Red 1 Green 1 Blue 1 Purple 1 Black 1 Silver
Incense & Oils: Your Descretion
Place the red, 1 white, 1 black and blue candels at the four quarters,
then place the white and black on the left and right of the quarters,
and finally place the silver in the center. Open the circle. Note: I
have done this spell with crystals around me. It still works with no
   "See the person in front of me,
   Heal them with the powers of three by three;
   Feel the energy drain from my mind,
   By the powers of the north of earth, let it bind;
   Hucka Tia, Hucka Tora, Hucka Tia, Hucka Bora
   See the body in front of me,
   Heal it with the powers of three by three;
   Feel the strength drain from my mind,
   By the powers of the south of fire, let it bind;
   Hucka Tia, Hucka Tora, Hucka Tia, Hucka Bora
   See the mind in front of me,
   Heal it with the powers of three by three;
   Feel the energy drain from my mind,
   By the powers of the east and west of water and air, let it bind;
   So mote it be"
NOTES: you could just use the enchantment. it works just as fine.
Healing spell-***
You Need:
Powdered cinnamon
Green ribbon
A glass jar or other container with a lid
Various small objects- preferably green, silver or white
(such as paper, dried leaves, beads, pieces of smooth
glass and colored wood)
Green or silver glitter.
1. Cast a circle as normal, calling the quarters and
erecting a barrier of energy.
2. Consecrate all the items which you are going to use,
then lay them out on your altar (or if you are outside, a
3. Sprinkle the cinnamon over all the objects and say:
"herb for healing,
Herb for hope
Herb for strength
herb help me cope
"I call on thee, spirits of water, earth, fire and air, to aid me in this
4. Bind the Green ribbon around the jar three times Thrice I bind
thee, and so with nine calls, you will heal.
5. Put all the small objects and the glitter into the jar ,
screw on the lid and shake it nine times

"Power of healing, I command you, heal (name of
person) from all sickness!"

6. Thank the elements, and the guardians of the
watchtowers, and take down the circle.
7. When you have finished, then keep the jar in a safe
place, and every time you need the power of healing,then take it out
and shake it nine times, saying the following over and over:
(name of person) be well, (name) be free of sickness Questions?......

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