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Gothica's Realm

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Spells to Find the Lost

Finding that Which is Lost-**
You may burn incense made of herbs that symbolizing finding lost
things, use a Saint Anthony candle and anoint it with god/ goddess or
Helping Hand oil. For added emphasis, invoke the god or goddess into
the spell."Bound and Binding Binding Bound. See the Sight Hear the

Sound. What was lost Now is found.
Bound and Binding Binding Bound."
magic wicca

Finding Spell-**
Take a piece of paper, crease it, and write the name "benedida" and
what you have lost underneath the name. Wave the paper three times in
the air, snap it shut, being careful not to open it, or else benedida
will escape.
Place it under a heavy object, and say  "benedida, I will release you
when the object is returned" when you have found your lost item,
release benedida, and thank her for helping you retrieve the item

finding the lost objects-**
"fairy , of my lost things, I plead of you,
return this item to my hands,
I know this stuff is cool, i like it too,
but I am master of this land.
take all the socks you wnat,
leave alone my keys and remore,
take, even the change I drop,
I urge you by this rote!
whisper in my ear, the location now,
where you put it last, i need it now
my mischievous pals, because it is mine, it i may hast?
thank you much, for it is found
and please continue to ply
for it gets funny, with you around
but it makes for an easier day!"



Basic Location Spell-To locate anyone no matter where they're at.
You will need :

  • 4 Blue Candles
  • A goblet filled 3/4 of the way full with water (Natural water works the best)
  • Any of the following incenses (They all represent water):
    Camphor, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lotus, Mesquite,
    Myrrh, Sandalwood, Tamarisk, Thyme

  • A quiet, undisturbed place

Put the 4 candles around you - one north, one south, one east, and one west. Light the candles and the incenses you have selected. Sit in the center of the candles, facing the west.

Put the goblet in front of you. Invoke the water element.

Relax into a meditative state. After you've gone into a hypnotic state, take your middle finger and 2nd finger on your positive hand, and swirl it around in the water clockwise 4 times, starting with the west side and ending with the west side, while chanting

"Let the water reveal to me the location of (Person's name).
Let the water show me where he/she is."

Repeat this 4 times. Then stare deep into the water and see the vision of the person you have asked to see.

Finding lost objects-
“Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now -- open your ears.
Find for me what I now seek,
by Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea.
Earth, air, water, fire,
help me find what I desire
Candle, cup, wind, seed,
help me find what need” Remember to think about what you want to find very hard
"Something I lost I need to find;
By the power of three, this spell I bind

Find the lost-
Cast a circle like you normaly would. Then say: "By the powers of Moon, Sun, Earth,Air, Fire and Sea what once was lost return to me."
Release the magic and wait.
Submitted by RavenOfTheNight

Find the lost when in a hurry-
Whenever you can't find something and you're in a rush just chant: "Wolves and Fairies, dragons and ghosts, help me find the thing I need most. My _________ is lost, cannot be found, whether lost above or below the ground. bring it back to me, SO MOTE IT BE!" This chant works really well but sometimes things aren't meant to be found

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