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Gothica's Realm

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these baths recipes i have gotten from my BOS. I don't know where I got them.



Initiation bath-

2 parts rosemary

1 part sandlewood chips

*used in the lustal bath prior to self-dedication and rites of initiation.


Divination bath(simple)-

2 parts rose

1 part yarrow

*this blend is intended of the lustral bath prior to tires of divination. However, even if a ritual is to be conducted for purpose other than divination, if a seer is used to divine the disposition of the gods at the end of the ride, this recipe  for divination should be useed in the bath water of the seer.


General lustal bath-

3parts rosemary

2 parts galangal

1 part ginger

1part cinnamon

* this is also called sabbat lustral bath, this is a general mixture to use prior to any Wiccan ritual. It is intended to both cleanse the soul as well as put the mind in the proper mode for the general format of wiccan ritual. Omit cinnamon if you have sensitive skin.


Habit breaking bath-

3part lemongrass

2 parts sage bush or common sage

2 parts rosemary

1part lavender

*is also called the outsider infusion. It is used as a bath everyday while one tries to break a bad habit as well as a blend for a sperging during the outsider banishing.




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