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Sleep Tea:

This tea helps calm and relax you enough to sleep. It's lightly sweet, so you may no need to add honey, but if you want to, go ahead.

-4 clusters (or tbsp)of hops
-1 tsp of lavender, rosemary, thyme, mugwort, and sage
-1 tbsp chamomile and winter green
-1 pinch of valerian root (becareful not to get a good whiff of it!)

Take the teaspoon of the mixture and poor 1 cup of hot water. Wait 3 minutes and then strain. Drink it after it cools abit. This mixture should make about 8 or 9 cups. Store the unused portion in a tightly sealed container for later use.

A Headache or Insomnia Tea:
Put a pinch of Willow bark, Chamomile, Wild Clover, and a Catnip in a coffee filter in your coffee maker, (or a teaball in a mug) with enough water for one serving. Brew. (For insomnia, don't include Willoe bark in the mixture.) Within about 15 minutes to half and hour of drinking the mixture, you should feel quite tired and less sore. Be sure to have a comfortable place to sleep.

Dream Tea:
-2 part Rose Petals
-1 part Mugwort
-1 part Peppermint
-1 part Jasmine Flowers
-1/2 part cinnamon

Mix, add one teaspoon to a cup, pour boiling water over this and let steep covered, for a few minutes. Drink before going to bed to produce or enhance psychic dreams.

Psychic Tea:
3 parts Rose petals
2 parts Yarrow
1 part Cinnamon
Brew, strain and drink a cup before or during divination and psychic work to enhance your psychic awareness.

Purification Brew:
1 part Lemon Verbena
1 part Dried Lemon Peel
1 part Camomile
Brew, drink for purification prior to ritual. If desired, add a splash of lemon juice, a tsp. of honey and sugar.

Moon Brew:
Set a silver container filled with water out on the night of the Full Moon just as it rises (at sunset). Allow the water to soak up Lunar rays all night. Just before dawn, rise and retreive the water. Place in an earthen jug and cork tightly (never expose to the rays of the sun). Add to the bath for love. Anoint money to increase wealth, put on the brow to create psychic awareness. Place in the bath to attune with the spiritual planes or prior to Lunar rituals.

Sun Water:
Set a glass or crystal container of pure water outside just at dawn, in a place where the sun rays will shine on it all day. At sunset, bottle and cork the water. Keep in a very sunny place. Add to baths for energy, sprinkle around the home to remove evil, anoint yourself to purify and so on.

These next recipies are from Ocean Harmony.

Aphrodisia: A passion drink
1 pinch Rosemary
2 pinches Thyme
2 tsp. Black Tea
1 pinch Coriander
3 fresh Mint leaves (or 1/2 tsp. dried)
5 fresh Rosebud petals (or 1 tsp. dried)
5 fresh Lemon tree Leaves (or 1 tsp. dried lemon peel)
3 pinches Nutmeg
3 pieces Orange peel
Place all ingredients into a teapot. Boil three cups or so of water & add to the pot. Sweeten with honey, if desired. Serve hot.

Aphrodisia #2
3 parts Rose petals
1 part each: Clove, Nutmeg, Lavender, Ginger
Make in the usual way, perferably in an earthen pot. Add this mixture to tea, or serve alone to increase the passions.

Clairvoyance Brew
3 parts Rose petals
1 part each: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Bay, Mugwort
Place in a teapot, fill with boinling water, let steep, covered, for a few minutes. Remove cover, sniff steam, but don't burn your nose. for a few moments, visualize the mystical scent opening your psychic awareness, then lie down and prophesize. If you wish, drink a bit of the brew as well and let the steam continue to rise as yu strech your psychic awareness.

Cauldren of Cerridwen Brew
1 part each: Bay, tobacco, Damiana, Mormon Tea and Broom(non-toxic)
Equal parts each: acorns, barley, honey, ivy, Hellebore, Bay (caution)-DO NOT DRINK!!!!
Boil the water in a cauldron over an open fire. Place all the ingredients in the cauldron. Sit before it and entrance yourslf by watching the flames. Smell its mystical scent and retrieve it's wisdom.

Exorcism Brew-


3 parts rosemary
1 part bay
1 pinch cayenne
Mix, add one tsp mixture to a cup, pour boiling water over the herbs and let steep for 9 minutes, covered. Drink a few teaspoons a day, or add to the bath.

these were from


 truth powder-

1 part magick powder

3 parts ashes (filtered)

And say over the mixture to bless and charm it:

“ I charm thee with truth and understanding.”


Magick powder-

1 part dust

1 part glitter

2 parts ash

Mix while you say:

“ a little of my magick goes, I command it.”


clairvoyance potion-

2 parts rose petals

1 part cinnamon

1 part nutmet

1 part bay

1 part mugwort


place ingredients into a teapot, fill with boiling water, let steep for few mnutes. Remove cover and sniff the steam for a few moments. Visualize the mystic scent opening your psychic awareness. You may also drink some f ths brew as well. Then lie down and relax and see what comes to you.  NOTES: this potion i made with my friends, and works wonders....just don't drive because you will feel sleepy.



Potion for school test-**

Thios is a cool potion for those who have a school test. you have to drink it the morning before the long as you did some studing, this will work fine.

2 tble grape concentrate.

1 1/2 c. spring water

2 drops of mint extract.

1 sprig rosemary


mix the first three ingredients together in a a small thing glass and then stir them witht he rosemary as you chant:


"my skills are good my knowledge great,

the results i want are mine to take."


Kiss the glass and then drink the potion. Concentrate and focus all your power intot your potion for best rsults. Enjoy.


Invisibility potion-

1 part fern leaf, dried

1 part pepper see

2 part slippery elm powder

1 part myrrh

1 part marjaram, dried

3 part dillweed


grind all together, mix well, add 9 drops of almond exreact with enough spring water to amek everything barely moist. place in a ceramic bowl, spread thinly as possible and dry the mixture over low heat. Stir occasonally until lightly browned. grind again chanting:

"Things seen, things unseen, let me walk here between" when fianally powered stoe in a glass container sprinkle a little bit onto the object to be made invisible.  NOTE: This potion does not make the object invisible...just less noticable.


Allergy decongestant-


1 part nettles

1 part pepermint

1 part mullein leaf

1 part comfrey leaf

1/2 part eyebright

1/2 part licorice

1/2 part rosehips

1/4 marshmallow

1/4 part elder berries

1/4 hyssop


mix. boil. sweeten if necessary. Drink


prosperity potion-

This is used for the spell for prosperity.


1/8 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp ground by leaf,

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp marjoram

1 1/2 c. sprin water

a wooden spoon

a small cloth

a jar w/ lid, rubber band


mix the ingredients together and boil in the spring water for about 30 minutes,stirring occasionally. drain the potion and pour it into the jar. Cover the har witht he cloth and fasten it with the rubber band. Leave the potion in a ddark, cool place for three days sand three nights, then cap the jar with it's original lid. This potion only lasts around 14 nights.


created by:







healing brew-
1 part rosemary
1 pat sage
1 part thyme
1 part cinnamon
half full a blue glass bottle with fresh water,add the ground, empowered herbs and let this sit int he sun all day. If by sunset the water has been colored byt eh herbs it is ready to use. If not, store inthe fridge overngiht and put in the sunthe following day again. Strain. Anoint the body or add to bath water while visualizing yourself in perfect health.

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